2016 T3 Summit with CB Harper

ChFUaowU4AAsH-JApril 2016 — We arrived at Los Angeles International in anticipation of 2016’s T3 Summit that took place late April. Hosted by Stefan Swanepoel (‘the’ Stefan Swanepoel) and Jack Miller, this year’s T3 Summit offered its strategic powerhouse of keynote speakers. Ready to utilize the innovation and collaboration that the gathered thought leaders had to offer, we charged our portable technologies and put our game faces on.

Every year the T3 Summit conducts their annual think-tank to maintain the integrity of thought and strategic discussions in a non-competitive atmosphere. Additionally, key real estate leaders gather to share their insights on how important decisions have impacted the industry.

It has been the longstanding philosophy of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® not to be the biggest real estate company in town, instead D’Ann Harper wants her company to be known for giving top notch service to its Sales Agents, clients and customers. “Experience has taught me that no matter how sophisticated a real estate firm becomes, it is still a people business. Each client is served best by the special attention and knowledge that only qualified individuals can give”, says D’Ann Harper.

t3 summit think tank

Attending a leadership conference like T3 Summit allows us to sharpen and gain new skills. It’s a non-competitive atmosphere that opens the floor for strategic discussions and growth of thought. We were very impressed with the content and quality of the speakers. The proverbial nourishment that our minds absorbed encouraged, motivated and inspired us. This event should be part of every industry leader’s growth plan.

With the ever evolving technology and quantity of information, one of the resources we refer to is Swanepoel Trends Report. They analyze and predict housing marketing shifts, trends and other changes. It’s a constantly growing landscape, in order to maintain the gold standard we pride ourselves on, it definitely requires staying informed, Swanepoel’s T3 Summit helps us do just that. We look forward to next year!