A Story of Real Estate, Wendy Ague

Wendy Ague is a second generation REALTOR®. She reflects fondly on memories of her father, a broker and family man. During his 20 years as a REALTOR Wendy’s father worked passionately, a firm believer in helping families find a place to call home. He had such a calling for matching buyers and homes that most of them decided to never move again. In fact, she found that some of those same homeowners are still living in the homes her father found them.

It was the discovery of this story that found Wendy working with sweet clients who remembered her father. When their family’s life was in a younger season Wendy’s dad found this home for the couple, and during 1989 they happily moved in. As life has passed and retirement approached, a question was never raised about who to call to help them toward this next chapter.

Wendy is very excited and honored on presenting this new listing on 1113 Andre in Schertz, Texas. Real estate runs in the family and following in her father’s footsteps is more than just a career choice. Prior to her being licensed, Wendy’s father sadly passed away at the age of 64. He never knew his daughter took the trail he blazed. So when she received a call from these homeowners, it was a great feeling of purpose. “After all these years that they so affectionately recalled my father,” conveys Wendy “it is such a privilege. It makes me feel like I’m continuing the journey of his real estate career and the story of this home.”


A quote Wendy shared summarizes our thoughts on this beautiful story:

“The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves. We become like our friends. No man becomes great on his own. No woman becomes great on her own. The people around them help to make them great.
We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.” — Matthew Kelly – The Rhythm of Life

Thank you so much Wendy! If you would like to know about this home with a story all its own give Wendy a call.




Wendy is pictured far right with a group of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTOR® Sales Agents.