Anti-Burglary Tips Every San Antonio Resident Should Know

In an article by Tracey Hawkins, she talks about the risk homeowners face around the holidays. With empty new packaging set near the curb for pickup, a TV box can be an open invitation for burglars. The danger is further amplified by those who are looking to sell their homes. Showings and open houses often set the stage for unsuspecting homeowners to be victimized.

Consider the checklist provided in this article, it goes over some very helpful hints to avoid tragedy this season. Below we’ve outlined some of the important safety hints to deter would-be criminals from targeting your property.

1.) Reinforce entry points of the home. Consider installing a cylinder lock and deadlock, so at a glance it doesn’t look vulnerable. Adding security system stickers on the windows around the entry should be considered as well.

2.) Leverage technology and smart home features. Video surveillance is just one aspect of home security. The latest trend however is something much more beneficial and allows control of your entire home. Doorbell cameras such as the one found here, offer features like visitor detection, night vision camera and 2-way talk. Now you can see how is at your door without being home.

3.) Let there be light! Burglars do not want to be seen by potential witnesses, so well-lit homes are passed over as targets. The use of floodlights, (not pointed at your neighbors windows preferably) especially those with motion sensors near entry points will deter intruders.

4.) Protect your privacy. Breakdown empty boxes that reveal large purchases, like TVs, computers or other items. Or, if you do not want to break down your boxes, place those items out on the curb the morning-of. Also keep curtains or blinds drawn to avoid thieves from browsing through the vantage points your windows may offer.

5.) Plants and shrubs. Windows are secondary entry points if the doors are inaccessible. Shrubs or thick plants below the windows can prevent entry by intruders. The recommended height is about 3 feet off the ground. This is tall enough so that it’s difficult to climb over; but short enough so it does not block your neighbors from seeing when someone is attempting to enter the home.

6.) Adopt a dog. This is a win-win, adopting a medium size breed like a German shepherd alleviates the local shelter and helps a pet in need. Additionally, their bark is often enough to scare off potential intruders and alert you to suspicious activity.

7.) Operation Identification. Nationally recognized by law enforcement as a burglary prevention program, Operation ID allows law enforcement to detect, identify and return stolen property to its rightful owner. This 3 step program encourages you to mark and catalog valuables. Check with you local law enforcement office to verify participation. They will have stickers that can be displayed to deter thieves, warning your belongings are marked. Details can be found here.

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