Any Baby Can’s Fiesta (Walk for Autism)


Every family needs a place to call home, especially children. By helping people find their way home, we work to change lives everyday.

We are more than just a brokerage and a real estate company, we’re a team of individuals. Each of us have children and families we care deeply about. The relationships we’ve formed with one another only enhances our compassion for others. Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS has actively supported Any Baby Can each year to benefit the families and children affected by autism. In previous years, groups of our staff attended the Walk for Autism as a show of encouragement in raising awareness and urging greater support. This year we wanted to remove the spotlight from ourselves and highlight what this is really about – the voices and faces of real families and children in our community.

With the help of the Any Baby Can staff, we were put in touch with a family that displays both strength and kindness. Mr. Rene & Betania Avina have five children, each on the spectrum of autism – but this does not indicate a tragedy. 20150131_151227_resizedIt is instead a chance to see these beautiful children as empowered, unique and able to offer their own gifts. Navigating the range of emotions and challenges as a parent can be difficult. Let us convey to the parents of these children that they are not alone. Many like the Avina family, greatly depend on the success of these events to continue providing them with the emotional, financial and educational support they need to carry them through the challenges of caring for a child or children with chronic illnesses, disabilities or developmental delays.

Through your generous support we can do just that. We are so happy to announce that the Avina family is scheduled to attend with us, free of charge. This is an wonderful family experience for the whole family with live music, Fiesta food, carnival style games, dunking booth and much more!

Avina Children

[Matthew, 11yrs; Hannah, 10yrs; Christopher, 6yrs; Ethan, 8yrs;  Emily, 12yrs]


Autism is a spectrum disorder that encompasses a wide range of conditions, symptoms and experiences. The below clip of a film produced by Marisabel Fernandez and Alexander Bernard, was designed to evoke part of the sensory perspective of a non-verbal child with autism.

This is not a universal to everyone on the autism spectrum, there are those considered “high-functioning”. At it’s core this condition is now called ASD, autism spectrum disorder due to the wide array of variances. It is a brain disorder in which communication and interaction with others are difficult. Unlike people with other forms of autism, people with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome want to be involved with other. They simply don’t know how to go about it. They may not be able to understand others’ emotions. Reading facial expressions or body language can be a challenge for them. As a result, they may be teased and often feel like social outcasts. The unwanted social isolation can lead to anxiety and depression. It is for this very reason that the support of family and friends is so critical. Additionally the understanding and empathy of us as a community is imperative. By changing our thinking and assisting schools, families and other outlets we can positively impact the lives of all these children and families affected by this outwardly invisible disorder.


Sign up to join us in the 11th Annual Walk for Autism, Any Baby Can’s Fiesta (Find our team: #TEAMCBHarper). Sign up before April 5th to receive a free T-Shirt with our logo on it. Unable to attend? You can still contribute to our efforts in advocating for the Avina Family.

Date: Saturday, April 18th

Location: AT&T Center

Team Meet-up Time: 8:00am

(Look for the group with Coldwell Banker T-Shirts)

2 Mile Walk for Autism starts at 9:00am

FREE Child Registration (10yrs and under) through 04/16/15

$15.00 Registration through 03/31/15

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