CBHarper Family Kitchen: Lasagna Extraordinaire by Janette Springer

This recipe and story is brought to us by Janette Springer, REALTOR®, GRI and 2015 Eagle Award Winner.

988_4172684Well I couldn’t pass on this topic because my family has been making and passing this recipe on for generations. I even taught both my sons and we have added something extra to the tradition.

Our recipe is made with a combination of ground hamburger and sausage just to start but the major unique item in this is we don’t use noodles of any kind.  We have been taught to use crescent rolls on the top & bottom of this dish.  It is best if you make sure to roll these out and line your pan, thin is the best or else you end up eating a lot of bread and not a lot of goods in the middle.

Since you can do a lot with crescent rolls something special we like to do is when we were finishing off the top is take and spell out a message; Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Love you, Happy Father’s day and so on…..

Well enough of the family stories please enjoy this awesome recipe.

Lasagna Extraordinaire
From the kitchen of Janette Springer

The adults and kids love to eat this as well as make it.  Zachariah, and now Matthew say it is easy for them to make and favorite to eat with the tradition being to spell out something on top with crescents when making it.


1 lb. Hamburger Meat (90/10 works well)

1lb. Favorite Breakfast Sausage
(I use Owens) Cook, drain continue

Add in the following spices to start building the flavor:
2 tbsp. Oregano

1-1/2 tbsp. Basil

Freshly minced garlic to liking

(A LOT) 3 tbsp. Parsley flakes
Parsley flakes should cover pan twice. Parsley is important to this recipe so please use plenty.  Once this has cooked together then add tomato sauce.

One can of tomato sauce

Crescent rolls (3-4 small cans or 2-3 large cans/you can use the garlic flavored ones)

Spray Pam Non-Stick Spray

1-8 oz. container of small cottage cheese

1 egg

8 oz. cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese

Mozzarella cheese


Once meat has browned together (drain) then add in spices and one can of tomato sauce.

Let this simmer for about 15 minutes for the meat to absorb the flavor.

Now while this is simmering you should prepare the pan.
You will bake this in which is 9 ½ X 11.

Take Pam Non-Stick and spray the bottom and sides.  Then take your crescent rolls and a rolling pin and line the inside of the pan.  The key on this is rolling the crescents very thin so the rolls don’t mask the inside.

In separate bowl mix together 1-8 oz. container of small cottage cheese with 1 egg, parsley flakes just enough that you can see and 8 oz. fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

The final step is to take the pan lined with crescents and start layering the cheese mix, meat and mozzarella cheese until all used and finish it off with a final layer of crescent rolls for the top.  Remember to only place crescents on the bottom and top only.  Place in oven for 25 minutes to 30 minutes if the crescents start browning before you feel it has been long enough to melt the inside just place foil on top to prevent burning.


Whenever Zach or Matt makes this they always write a message on the top with crescents… Happy Birthday, or whatever the occasion.  This is a tradition Zach started and now we all do it.  This recipe was printed in the last HEB cookbook as well.