Chili Cook-Off 2015

What is there to say?  …You had to be there to truly experience it. This year’s Chili Cook-Off was the most successful to date. With record attendance at over 365, this great cause supports the collection and distribution of stuffed toys for children in need at Christmas. This year, the silent auction and raffles raised over $4,000 at the cook off, we collected 867 new stuffed animals (from money raised) plus 213 stuffed animals were brought to the event. Last year we helped distribute over 7,000 stuffed animals. For the upcoming year we are aiming to collect 10,000 stuffed animals for the children of San Antonio. To learn more about the Bear Hunt visit us here: The Bear Hunt

10007434_979323982129209_6610722180091932699_nThis event was our 3rd Annual Charitable Chili Cook-Off, held Monday, October 26th. Participants from various offices formed 13 teams applying their very best cooking skills and presentation talents. Hungry visitors were able to sample culinary delights such as venison chili, jalapeño spiced cornbread and smoked brisket. AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service poured refreshments of iced tea and lemonade. Wendy Holt hosted a decadent cakewalk and for a small donation to play, participants walked away with an entire cake!


11218832_979324298795844_8109267061223974779_n1.) Haunted Open House Chili — The Marketing & Technology Departments featured a 3 room haunted house complete with a ‘undead-living space’, ‘walk-in shower’ and ‘chef’s kitchen’ plus ‘a sticker of survival’ for those that made it through. Followed by delicious chili homemade that simmered for 18 hours in a spicy Ancho sauce with beans, beef and other secret spices, this hauntingly good chili was ‘to die for’. Thank you chef Lupe Robles. 12187830_979324058795868_2127408965480165214_nBooth won Showmanship Awards for both the People’s and Judge’s Choice. There is rumored to be an even bigger haunted house planned for next year.






2.) Wolf Chili — The Relocation Department featured a team of masked werewolves serving up Texas-Style Chili made with all of the ingredients you would find right here in Texas. Some of the ingredients in their chili were fresh vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions, (plus other secrets we can’t give away) cooked up by chef Audrey Cheatum.






3.) Jail House Chili — Members of this team included Craig & Libby Ross, Jene Rand, (hostess of the Chili Cook-Off event) Steve Silver, Cathy O’Connor, Sharon Tiech and Heather Duffin. Others that were not able to attend but were part of the team included, Courtney Silver, Cathy Hernandez, Linda Viewig, Carol Morris, Keith and Karen Roland.




DSC062114.) The Red Hot Chili Peppers — Members of this team included Delia Sutton, Barbara Kressin, Cheree Rey, Nikki Diamond Jones, Linda Garza, Aneeta Bhalla, Connie Dukes and Denise Barnhill. This team won last year and were this year’s winners as well. They offered five chilis made by Cheree Rey (Beef Chili), Linda Garza (Spicy Beef Chili), Aneeta Bhalla (Black Bean Lentil Vegetarian Chili), Connie Dukes (Italian Sausage Chili) and also Delia Sutton (Venison Chili) who served the award winning chili. Booth also included all the fixin’s which were cilantro, sour cream, cheese and onions to be used as toppings. “Homemade Seasoned” crackers made by Barbara Kressin and wonderful cornbread with creamed corn and jalapeños made by Nikki Diamond-Jones, plus jalapeño cornbread made by Denise Barnhill completed the spread. Congratulations ladies!


12047154_979322805462660_6631705025123091012_n5.) D’s Angels — Included members of The River City Group SA – Richard Davies, Steven Garza & Renee Stout; plus Jeff Pozzi of Pozzi Realty and Pozzi Sr., Allen. On top of some truly delicious chili, these ladies and gentleman served up some homemade brisket smoked for 16 hours low & slow. Each serving of chili included a serving of this Texas barbecue brisket on top. Yum!




10389658_979672145427726_5483219509794198945_n6.)  North East Aloha Chili — North East Office was well represented by Fran & Greg Smith, Jan Hicinbothom, Wendy Ague, Ted York, Claudia Bechara, Kurt Jaeckle, Jean Bedford, Daniel Castillo, Debbie Lairmore and also picture is the newly appointed VP, Wade Phillips.

Jan Hicinbothom was the chef of this delicious chili that takes 2 days to make. She has 11011875_979672092094398_7685364415742515330_nserved this wonderful dish to her family for years and wanted to share it with the CBHarper Family, as well as those who attended this event. Thanks for cooking Jan!





12191617_979291575465783_7077493368059638150_n7.) Chili Chili Bang Bang! — Harper Property Management team members Ana Snow, Aliza Briones, Ashlee Arnn, Valerie Flores, Catherine Rodriguez and Teresa Rodriguez served up chili chili, bang, bang! Catherine Rodriguez was their chef with a Texas-Style Chili, with beans. She put her heart into cooking, staying up until 1 o’clock in the morning! Team member Teresa Rodriguez said:

“We did our own little pre-chili cook off cook off and Catherine was our winner.  We asked her to bring a little more heat, and she sure did. We had a lot of repeat customers, some bringing the large cups for extra chili! This was our first time participating in the cook off, and we were 12193710_979322518796022_4888046560862172999_nvery excited.” Although they did not win, they’re vowing to take next year’s crown!






12191784_979324195462521_5947949095449382994_n8.) Chili Bustin’ Cowpokes — Coldwell Banker Commercial Alamo City served up the winning chili according to the People’s Choice ballots. Congratulations y’all, we’re looking forward to next year’s batch.




12189984_979322348796039_8478614151890896329_n9.) The Good-Good, The Bad-Bad And The Ugly — Farm & Ranch was represented by Faythe Brunk, Wesley Boyd, Chad Keeth, and Wade Phillips. Their chili consisted of Venison, Chili Meat, Brisket, Ground Meat, onions, garlic cloves, chili powder, smoked paprika, jalapeños, brown sugar, and several other secret ingredients.





12190060_979322152129392_3525108121728407815_n10.) Hill Country Hotties — Members of this team, dressed in their best firefighter gear, included Ron Hackett, Debbie & Steve Parramore, Linda Stilwell, Bob Moore and Wendy Holt. Traveling from Kerrville, Texas this team brought the heat! Thanks to chef Steve Parramore and wife Debbie for serving delicious chili – now that’s 4-alarm worthy!


12191626_979321912129416_6731443040331517134_n11.) Vino Rojo — All the way from our Fredericksburg Office, Holly Gliddon, Pat Boothe (their chef), Janett Goad, Bob Goad and Cynthia Loving were on the team, plus their adorable mascot Reilly. Serving up toast worthy ‘Wine Chili’ this team set the bar. Famous Hill Country wine, cheers to that!








12115623_979322522129355_5351187900403687344_n12.) North West Porkers — North West Office featured an amazing tailgate party complete with college football decor plus a big screen TV in the bed of a truck! Yes please! They brought not only delicious pigskin chili made with pork, but all the fixin’s and a snack bar. The people who participated were Ed Zapata, Glenda McLerran, Terry Singletary, and Julie Connor.  The agents who were there on Monday to help out were Kellie Daniels, Lindsey Nix, Jorge Basabe, Lori Stipetich, and Barbara Saathoff. The other agents that showed support with the Tailgate theme and/or cake walk items include: Stefani Patterson, April Frazee, Bert Kinner, Dea Driffill and Elida Martinez.


12047180_979322808795993_7166385562868314752_n13.) Hill Billy Chili — New Braunfels team was Marc & Mary Ann Rhodes, Janie Macredie,  Sheryl Marker, Cynthia Keith, Julie Gezella, Bobbie Landrum, Chris Bowers, Tim Cronin, Dion Davis, Kay Watson, Julia Myers, Emily Bock, Monica Alfaro, Jenny Vonfeldt, Jerome Isaacs, Craig Franklin, Carla Fear, and Ruby Sevin. The chili served was “Hillbilly Chili”.  The booth was full of props, stuffed critters, and an open cast iron pot giving the illusion of what was in the chili! (Chili came in a Road Kill and Non-Road Kill version).



We would also like to congratulate our winners:

                Best Chili – Judge’s Choice:                          Chili Bustin’ Cowpokes (CB Commercial)

                Best Chili – People’s Choice:                       Red Hot Chili Peppers (NC/SO – Denise Barnhill and her team)

                Showmanship – Judge’s Choice:               Haunted Open House (Marketing & IT)

                Showmanship – People’s Choice:             Haunted Open House (Marketing & IT)

                Best Pumpkin – Judge’s Choice:                Pumpkin Baby in Carriage (Mary Ann Rhodes)

                Best Pumpkin – People’s Choice:              Pumpkin Baby in Carriage (Mary Ann Rhodes)

Thank you again for such a great Chili Cook-Off.  We could not have done it without all the wonderful staff and Sales Associates. A special thank you goes out to all of those that volunteered their time, talents and energy.

To view all the photos from the day’s event please visit our Facebook album,

Click here:   Chili Cook-Off 2015

We look forward to seeing y’all next year!