Cleaning The Clutter

Among the challenges some Sale Agents face is the inevitable task of removing clutter and other personal items from the homes they are working to help sell. It is a stressful time for the home owners and given the process of relocating to a new home, that is more than understandable. Aside from the paperwork and financial aspects, there are any number of factors that add to the entire process of packing and preparing the home for sale. We wanted to offer some helpful steps to take if you are listing your house for sale to streamline the chaos.

We would first like to provide an easy 3-step process to help get you started:

1.) Don’t try to do it all at once. Sure, you have heard it before but this is important in managing oneself from becoming overwhelmed. Take it one room at a time and devote a day to handling each area of the home.

2.) Start early. If possible, allow yourself months or even weeks to begin assessing your belongings and organizing what to keep and what to donate.

3.) Have a plan. Set aside an area where items can be stored after they are packed and organized according to where they will go. Ideally this should be a place that will NOT be photographed for listing photos, ie the garage.

Below are some examples of actual listings (without clutter removal):

135 River Star Dr


3712 Whitefield Sq 1


Cleaning House


I Just Live Here






9022 Pinseeker





Sure you can celebrate the season, but remember your potential buyers are going to have a tough time envisioning themselves in a home surrounded by ghouls. Likewise you may be a hunter proudly displaying bucks or a furniture collector which are all fine things – but this personalizes your home. The idea of so much furniture might not appeal to minimalist buyers, or those with large pets that might damage said furniture. During the selling process, plan and assess. Move personal and other obstructive items out of sight until they can be moved, sold or stored elsewhere.

When in doubt, consult with your Real Estate Agent on the best course of action. Forming de-clutter habits is not only a benefit during the home selling/buying process, but going forward toward maintaining a clutter free lifestyle.