CWJC Provides to Women in Kendall County

12670488_10154180300206614_4102375344100948896_nTuesday, September 27th — Led by Christian Woman Job Corps Program Director, Debbie McCormick, her beginnings at this wonderful organization changed her life. First as a participant and then as an office administrator for both the men’s and women’s programs. CWJC was a life altering experience for and her desire to give back so that other women may benefit.

Open to woman 18 and over this free program provides job and life skills training. It prepares applicants for the workforce, life’s challenges and builds character that employers are looking for. Funding for this program, that improves the lives of so many, is raised in part through the Annual Christian Women’s Job Corps of Kendall County 2016 Style Show. Located at the beautiful Resort at Tapatio Springs, this year’s style show aimed to encourage women on the road to success. Attendees, including D’Ann Harper, Amy Thibodeaux, Lisa Stanley, Debbie McNeal, Christy Green, Bizzy Darling, Janetter Springer, Valerie Noia and Anna Rukavina, listened to graduates stories as they walked the runway.

Cheers to all the graduates, sponsors, hosts and those that support or are benefited by this noble cause. If you know someone in the Kendall County area that needs help getting back into the workforce, call (830) 331-9916 or visit