Employees and Recipients of the Dr. Herbert E. Harper Scholarship

The Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by D’Ann Harper and Leesa Harper-Rispoli in 2016 of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®.

This newly established scholarship honors the late Dr. Herbert E. Harper Jr. and offered exclusively to agents, employees, and their children, stepchildren or grandchildren. This scholarship underscores the belief CBHarper was founded on — a tradition of trust and family and is available in various amounts totaling $25,000 for students who planned to attend any community college, technical or vocational school or a four-year college or university in the United States.

They submitted their application along with a compelling reason why they would like to further their education. Then a non-biased panel reads all the entries and selects the winners.

D’Ann Harper attended the San Antonio Area Foundation ceremony as the winners were bestowed their scholarships.

In our previous post here, we listed the names of all the winners:

Katie Lasko, North West Office
The daughter of Denise Barnhill, REALTOR®   [ Catherine Barnhill ]
The daughter of Ina Kazarian, REALTOR®
The daughter of Holly Mahler, REALTOR® [Kendall Mahler*]
The grandson of Connie Dukes, REALTOR®
The daughter of Carolyn DiMuzio, REALTOR®
The daughter of Henry Clarkson, REALTOR®
The daughter of Jackie Thibadeau, Support Center   [ Charlene Mastick ]
The daughter of Wanda Haltom, REALTOR®


*Kendall Mahler was awarded the extra honor of a renewable scholarship of $2,000 a year for up to 4 years. Kendall is planning to get a Masters degree and is so honored to have been chosen for this. It will allow her to focus on her studies, instead of worrying about the cost of graduate school.

“Thank you D’Ann and Leesa from the bottom of our hearts”, says Kendall and her mom, Holly Mahler, REALTOR®. [pictured left]

In a formal letter thanking both Leesa and D’Ann Kendall conveys an overwhelming sentiment of gratitude.

“I will be attending Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas in hopes of receiving my Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology within the next two years. Industrial Organizational Psychology is a field that many people don’t know much about, even though it has grown steadily into a high paying field of employment. Businesses across the globe have started to realize the monumental impact that psychology plays in their productivity and thus have begun employing I.O. Psychologists to come in and make changes to their organizational procedures. My plans are to one day be an I.O. consultant for companies who are looking to increase their productivity through examining employee training, leadership techniques, and job placement with regards to psychological research and analysis.

I am overjoyed to be receiving this Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship and I truly still can’t believe that I was selected as the recipient. Just a few weekends ago I found out that I had been accepted into Psi Chi, the International Honors Society of Psychology, because of my psychology research over achievement motivation, my 4.0 psychology GPA, as well as my overall 3.60 GPA which places me in the top 35% of the sophomore, junior, and senior students at ACU! Since applying for this scholarship I was also able to walk the stage on May 13th, 2017, and graduate with my bachelor’s of science from Abilene Christian University with Cum Laude honors. I promise you that this scholarship is in good hands and that I am going to make something wonderful out of myself.

I because of this scholarship I can now look joyfully into the future, without any fears of paying for graduate school. Thank you again for selecting me as the recipient of the Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund and for supporting my dreams, it is an honor and a privilege.”



When the application process reopens for 2018 we will be sharing that news here on our blog and well as on all our social media channels. In the meantime, if you would like more information about the Dr. Herbert E. Harper, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund visit San Antonio Area Foundation’s website here: