Gen Blue 2013

On October 7 & 8, the Gen Blue 2013 conference headed to the city that never sleeps. What exactly is Gen Blue? THIS is Gen Blue. This year, D’Ann and Leesa were accompanied by 15 drawing winners to the conference (see winners HERE). Not only did they come away with a multitude of knowledge from amazing speakers, but also enjoyed the surprise guest — Tom Selleck!! Congrats to everyone who were able to participate this year from here at CBDHR and now we get to look forward to next year’s event!

Rhonda Howerton created an amazing video about the experience. She said, “I took away a renewed energy and excitement for selling real estate, reaching clients via video & social networking, as well as managing each cold lead in a better way that will result in a ‘relationship’, vs a huge database of names that do not result in conversions to buyers or sellers.”

Daniel Castillo graciously shared some of his photos of the trip. Looks like you had a lot of fun Daniel!

A short video with Lindsay Listanski about what everyone was to expect:

Check out some videos from this year’s conference below:

Opening ceremony:

Mobile in Real Estate Panel:

A Global Mindset:

Budge Huskey Keynote: