GenBlue Miami 2016

The curtain is closed and everyone is most certainly back home getting ready for the holiday season ahead. The memories of GenBlue Miami live on.


D’Ann Harper and Leesa Harper-Rispoli sent 25 of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® Sales Agents to GenBlue Miami this year to participate in the biggest Coldwell Banker event of the year. The streets were painted blue as the entire network of the Coldwell Banker umbrella, both nationally and internationally, on Miami Beach.

Words cannot quite describe the scope of this fantastic event, so we’re bringing you photos and words from the attendees. We posed the question, “What is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of GenBlue Miami?”

Here are photos and responses we received.

“Seeing the globe floating in front of the Fillmore was sooooo cool!” — Addie Langehennig


“Dancing at Nikki Beach with all those awesome realtors from all over the US having a great time!” — Christian Padilla



“Fun & Informative! I really enjoyed this GenBlue experience much more then the last one in Chicago. I got so much more out of all the events and even though I had planned to sight see a bit and not attend all of the conference sessions I found myself not wanting to miss a thing!!!

D’Ann and Leesa are the best and provide such a pampered travel experience, the hotel was gorgeous and in a great location. Enjoyed building relationships with my CBDHR peers as well as other Coldwell Banker Realtors at the bar, dining and closing party!” — April Frazee


“Smart Home. How over half of the consumers want it installed in their homes when they purchase it. And how Coldwell Banker offers a discount for sellers to purchase all the components to declare it a Smart Home on MLS to increase marketability. Amazing way to see HUGE returns on less than $1,000 out of pocket!!” — Julie Gezella


“Fun, Educational, Inspiring, Salsa Dancing and Mojitos!” — Valerie Lyday


Anna Rukavina


“Have DREAMS, don’t forget them! Stay grounded and pursue what’s important!! If you can’t do it … don’t! Always think outside the box! And be a story teller! It was AWESOME!!! Take me back!” — Christy Cracraft




“Gen Blue emphasized… Just Be You. Don’t try and pretend to be something you are not —- people will see you are not genuine and therefore will not trust you.

And I love this too…
How do lawyers get more work —- more lawsuits and tragedy
How do doctors get more work —- more illness and disease
How do REALTORS get more work —- a nation that is prospering and people achieving their dreams.” — Donna Frye

“Amazing!” — Aneeta Bhalla


“Alexa, the smart house!! Reminded me of Rosie the Robot on The Jetson’s !!
Incredible stuff!” — Gabe McCarty

“This is the image that comes to mind when I think about GenBlue Miami” — Kellie Daniels

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