Hard Work, Family and Gettin’ It Done

July 2016 — It is something we all face, the work/life balancing act. There is no single path that works for everyone, we all just tightrope walk that line which makes the most sense for our situation. In working to achieve a safe place for our families, we all make sacrifices.

Similarly we continually face challenges in the form of choice. Maybe it’s easier just to skip that open house, or perhaps you’re too busy, so having the lockbox isn’t a big deal – you can always do it later right? Come to think of it there’s so many emails, why not just mark them read and get back to it. You can always read them later. Excuses only satisfy the person telling them. Being a REALTOR® is not easy, but sure can sound lovely – make you own hours, be your own boss and business owner. The fact is, there are a tower full of moving parts and becoming derailed, discouraged is easy without focus.

Aside from closings, inspectors, paperwork and other facets of the real estate life; you also hope to fit family and loved one in the schedule too. Many of us understand this all too well. Some of us excel greatly at it, but a rare few exemplify what it means to really “get it all done”.

13730844_10154217533515726_8951716884385841463_oWe wanted to take the time to spotlight a sales agent who ranked 3rd as the Top Closing Agent (just behind the the top 2 sales teams) at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® as of June 2016. Additionally she ranked #1 individually among 350 of her peers. Less than a week later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Wiley. Lindsey Ashcroft, mother, wife and REALTOR®, truly deserves a round of applause.

On Friday July 22nd, Lindsey and her husband Joe celebrated their new baby (the youngest of 4 children). On Monday she took care of a closing – one of four closings set for this month. When we called to ask if we could run this story (same day), she answered her phone on the second ring. That’s what we call getting it all done! Color us impressed.

Thank you Lindsey Ashcroft for being such a wonderful inspiration to the CBHarper Family. Cheers to you, Joe, and your four beautiful children during this exciting time!


If you’re looking for a hardworking, smart and determined REALTOR® to help your family find their next home, call Lindsey:

Lindsey Ashcroft, REALTOR®
(210) 284-1313