How to Exercise If You Hate Exercise

By Barbara Pronin

If the thought of running makes you feel weak all over, and you sweat just thinking about joining a gym, jumping into an exercise routine can be a challenge. But personal trainers maintain that there are good options for even the most dedicated couch potatoes. The key, they say, is finding something you can stick with—and continuing to try until you do.

The health editors at Woman’s Day Magazine offer a few low-impact tips that may just help get you on your feet:

If you don’t want to join a gym, try walking. Walking is a safe and easy way to burn calories and build cardiovascular endurance. Try walking with a friend every day while slowly increasing the distance.

If you prefer to go it alone, try biking. Biking is a great way to tone up and burn calories, and it may feel less like exercise than just a fun little spin around the neighborhood.

If high-impact classes seem too intense, try yoga. Yoga will help you burn calories, develop core strength, and keep your joints flexible.

If you have back or leg pain, try swimming. Swimming puts zero stress on your joints, but it does burn calories and build cardiovascular health. Find an indoor pool and check out special interest activities such as diving or synchronized dance.

If you love the outdoors, try hiking. Choose an interesting trail and enjoy the view. Even going at less than a brisk pace can tone your leg muscles and get your heart rate up.

If you’re not up for a workout, make it a sport. Get together with a group of friends and play a weekly game of golf or tennis. You can hold yourself accountable for showing up, and your body will likely accept it as exercise, even if you don’t.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2018. All rights reserved.