Leading Real Estate Innovation

We all know that feeling. It’s crunch time and that critical email won’t go through or worse your laptop decides to go rogue thereby denying you access to important files. Not only can this be frustrating, but it costs copious amounts of precious time.

                Waking computers from sleep and anxiously awaiting a tide of new emails is second nature to many of us. Our thoughts race to the plans and tasks each day holds. It’s easy to forget about what’s needed to ensure we have the basic technological tools at our fingertips. For many of us the thought of servers, html coding and bandwidth is enough it toast our brain synapses. For the team of savvy ‘computer whisperers’, this is the language of achievement.

Leading The Way

                The Sales Agents and staff here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS® are privileged with a one-of-a-kind IT Department to help 24 hours a day with emergency tech support. This group of talented folks are the experts behind the scenes. Each and everyday countless systems function and flourish due to a very unique infrastructure built from the ground up to accommodate specific needs. New technological trends are constantly being followed, adapted and implemented to enhance the success our Sales Agents and support staff. They also work in conjunction with the Marketing Department to ensure new processes are taught either through classes, an online library or printed ‘how-to’ materials.

Here’s The Facts:

• Our internet connection for downloads is one of the fastest in Texas, Real Estate or any other industry.

• Every Sales Agent gets their own phone and fax number

• Every Sales Agent gets a full featured Realtor.com profile. (www.realtorenhancedlistings.com)

• Email accessible from any mobile device.

• With our state of the art phone system, Sales Agents get voicemail-to-email capability and the ability to dial out with the caller ID of your dedicated number from your cell phone.

• Fully paperless transaction system for the Sales Agents and their clients.

• Exclusive to the San Antonio Metroplex, a CMA that utilizes Lender information that produces accurate List Price for any home.

• Discounts with all major cell phone carriers and Dell computers because of affiliation with the trusted Coldwell Banker brand.

                Each of the above items has far reaching positive influences, all hugely beneficial for the Sales Associates at our brokerage. To put this in perspective, the internet speed at our offices is 100x faster than the internet most of us have at home. Translating to the top 10% internet speeds in the state of Texas, across any industry. With this our phone system is undergoing full transfer to a cloud-based phone system. The internet phone system has many benefits including phone connectivity during power outages. Via the mobile app it allows access to voice attendant capabilities, voicemail and twinning through tablet and smart phone devices.

Here To Support You

                Although it can be confusing without the proper support and guidance, at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® you’re questions never go unanswered. We are ever appreciative of the Information Technology Department and the knowledgeable staff who work hard everyday to keep all the hardware (computers, servers, phone system) up-to-date. The digital highway of information is built of virtual roads driven by the click of our mouse, the touch screen of hand-held devices and the keystrokes at our fingertips.

                Let’s take a moment to applaud the quiet heroes in the background that offer their insight and assistance to each member of the Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® staff. Remember, when in doubt restarting your computer, phone or other device will often resolve many of those tiny roadblocks in our technology motivated lives –  and stay safe out there on that information highway.