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Moving Adventures


I think Hoomans can be very strange sometimes. We had a perfectly good home and for some reason, our Hoomans suddenly decided that we needed to “move.” Tiffany has been through several moves, so she was able to tell me a little about what happens, but I don’t think there’s anything quite like experience.

At first, I really did not approve. When my Hoomans first started to clean things out of the house, I thought they were just making more places for me Clean Places1to curl up. Then they got boxes out and started putting things in them. Tiffany warned me. She told me that the boxes meant that we were going to go to a different house. She said it would be okay, but I really wasn’t sure.

My Hoomans started putting me in my carrier a lot. They said it was to protect me from strangers that were coming in our house. At least they put me up high so I could still keep an eye on things. I admit that I did like watching over everything. It took me a little while, but I finally realized that I had better get on board with this. It was clear that my Hoomans couldn’t possibly make it through this move without my help. They were hopeless!

Things went a lot more smoothly once I began supervising everything. I still don’t understand, though, why the Hoomans didn’t take Tiffany and I along to look at new houses. After all, we were going to live there too. For some reason, though, they insisted on doing that part on their own. I have to admit that it did turn out well. They picked a great little house. I really do love it here.

When we first got to the new house, there wasn’t any furniture in it. My Hoomans said that the furniture was “in storage,” whatever that means. They were changing out the flooring. They put in nice hard floors like we had before. That made me feel more at home, although, I have to admit that as long as my Hoomans and my puppy were there, it felt like home, even without furniture. There’s even a cottontail bunny that lives under our deck. I like watching him, and Tiffany is trying to make friends.

MyChinaCabinet1Of course, it was still great when we got the furniture back in! The best thing of all is that my Hooman put my favorite piece of furniture, my china cabinet, in my bedroom. The only problem was that the jump from the bed to the top of the china cabinet is higher than it was from the piano to the china cabinet. The first night that I tried it, I had a hard time getting on top and the cabinet banged against the wall. The next night, I insisted that my Hooman put me up there. It took her a while to catch on. Sometimes she just doesn’t understand me. I was very clear. I looked up at the cabinet, then back at her and meowed several times before she finally understood that I wanted her help, and she picked me up and put me on top of the cabinet. The next time I wanted to get up there, she refused to help. She kept insisting that I could do it myself if I just tried. It took me a few minutes to get up the courage, but I did it!!! My Hooman laughed and said that I looked smug. She says I always look smug when I get up there, now. She just doesn’t understand. I’m not smug, I’m just happy to be back on my lookout!

There are a few downfalls to this move though. My Hoomans are painting the house themselves, so they haven’t unpacked everything. My Hooman hasn’t even been updating my website for me everyday because she insists that she’s too busy painting. They decided not to hire “professionals.” I don’t know what a “professional” is, but I’m sure they should have hired one. Oh well, since they’re being stubborn about that, I’ve decided that I’d better oversee things again. I have to be careful, because there is paint everywhere. I’m afraid that Tiffany isn’t as good about keeping out of the paint, but I still don’t have a single drop on me. That’s because I know how to supervise!

Then, of course, there is the room that they keep closed off completely. They keep calling it the “abyss”, or the “black hole”, or the “pit of despair.” I went in there one day, but I got lost. It was full of boxes, wall to wall; floor to ceiling. It seemed like a good place to hide, but then I had a hard time getting out again. After that, the Hoomans started keeping the door closed. Even though I had one bad experience, there still isn’t anything that is quite as tantalizing as a closed door! I wish they’d let me have another look.


I can’t wait until the Hoomans finally have my house painted and organized. My Hooman assured me that she’ll get back to working on my projects as soon as the painting is done.

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