Lost in Transit, A Feel-Good Story from San Antonio

December 2016 — Prior to the holiday, our office was abuzz with the excitement of the upcoming holiday. Last minute shopping and plans for relaxation with family had everyone in a flurry of activity. Allen, one of the gentlemen here shared a fantastic true-story of kindness that took place during this time.

It was the day before the long weekend, and Allen received a call unexpected call from a number he did not recognize. When he answered the gentleman on the other end asked for Allen by name. Perplexed, he responded by asking who the caller was, which is customary for many of us nowadays given the amount of telemarketing and other spam calls we might receive.

The caller identified himself as David and went onto ask if he lived at “123 Main Street”. Surprised, Allen confirmed that it was indeed his address. David read off the information and said it was on a package he’d found by the side of the road. Thoroughly intrigued Allen listened as David went on. He mentioned having found the FedEx package in a location near Allen’s home. David promised to bring it to the address and asked where he’d like the package placed. They chatted for a bit about the details and Allen headed home for lunch.

He was pleasantly surprised to find the package at his home, as promised by his new acquaintance David. He had ordered several items for family prior to the holidays. All of them had arrived with the exception of just one. Opening the newly delivered package he discovered it was the missing gift.

As fate would have it, David, an honest citizen and not in the usual business of delivering lost packages, is part of a cleaning and restoration business. Topaz Cleaning & Restoration is the proud employer of this honest gentleman. We had the pleasure of hosting Topaz Cleaning & Restoration recently at one of our meetings here at the Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® Stone Oak / North Central Office.

Topaz Cleaning & Restoration offer a number of cleaning, pressure washing and other services. We called David’s boss and he was thrilled to hear about this story vouching for him by saying, “David is a good guy.”

We agree. If you would like to take advantage of the many services this company has to offer hear is how you can get a hold of them:

Topaz Cleaning & Restoration
4246 Gatecrest
San Antonio, TX 78217
(210) 653-9699