Medina Lake Overflowing From Recent Rains

Medina Lake is located approximately 23 miles southeast of Bandera, Texas. Beginning Memorial Day weekend in May through August the park is open 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm, and weekends only September to May. This Bandera County Park spans about 5,575 acres and is a popular retreat for fishing, boating, picnicking and water activities.

Various media sources have reported that the lake was on the verge of drying up. Certainly Medina Lake was only partially fully, about 4.5 percent according to the San Antonio Express News, but there has been water in the lake for some time. The recent rains have seen the increase the lake to nearly 100 percent capacity. We have so far reached a rainfall total of 21 inches since January. This sets us ahead of our usual 29 inch annual rainfall total and more rain is on the way. No matter how you slice it, this weather certainly helps those who own property from no longer having dry coves. It is worth mentioning though that is has taken over 50 years and a 4 year drought to cause the problems with the lake initially.

We asked several of our Sales Agents who’s expertise is real estate to weigh in on the recent rains and it’s effect on the area.

Missy Stagers of CB Harper’s Northwest Office and M. Stagers & Partners has several listings in this area. She says, “I do not see [the recent rains] impacting the market greatly …it has had water for a while.  The fact that is [the lake is] full and the media attention is great since there was so much bad media before.  The lake was also stocked with over 200 bass fish as well last year.  All of which are good things, so it won’t appear property owners are desperate and can now argue they have water, but prices are prices.”  Very well said Missy! Take a look at Missy’s listings, listed below, in prime proximity to Medina Lake.

471 County Road 262 • Mico, TX 78056




1021 Georges Rd., Lakehills, TX 78063




Janette Springer of CB Harper’s Boerne Office offered some wonderful insight, “I can only assume that taking a lake from extreme drought conditions to a lake that is full and beautiful will be nothing but positive for the Real Estate market from this point forward.  The call volume increase as well as the mobile ID options has definitely increased lately now whether due to the time of year or the lake flowing at 100% capacity I can only say that it is a blessing for all.  The sellers that have been in position to sell due to the drought have now been put in a better position to sell because the lake is full.  Having a full lake should bring more buyers to the area.”

Pictures below is one of Janette’s listing in the area, with an open house set for this Sunday June 5th located at 918 Pebble Beach Dr. NW, Pipe Creek, TX 78063.



Janette continued by stating, “May of 2015 the rain came to this area and up stream that brought this lake up to over half full.  The lake is 101% and running over spillway now which hasn’t taken place since sometime in 2009.  Those down stream are starting to get a little nervous with not knowing when the rain will stop and if they might be subject to evacuation should this continue.  The spill way has no limit so with the rain continuing we need to be thinking of options should this all come true.  Medina Lake in the Texas Hill Country was formed with the construction of a dam in 1910 with completion in 1913. The full depth at the dam is 152 ft and was the fourth largest dam in the US when it was completed. It is said the local farmers are the ones that got the funding from a German bank to make this happen since no US banks would fund the project. Now over 100 years old, it was once the largest dam in Texas and the 4th largest dam in the United States.”

Thank you to both of these Sales Agents for their input and what a great looking group of homes. It’s still a wonderful time to purchase a home! With school out for the summer doesn’t a lake house sound like a great place to call home?