Password1234: A Series in Digital Personal Security, Conclusion

The Final Chapter: Vigilance

I’m reading through my emails with my bagel and a coffee. Jim Bob Smith has emailed me out of the blue; he wants to buy a house! His budget is $640,000! I am ALL over this! But wait, who is Jim Bob Smith? Why did he email me out of the blue? This lead seems really too good to be true. It probably is.

This is the most common thing I see agents get spammed with. In the Technology department, we use aggressive spam filtering to help alleviate the instances of these types of emails getting through. Unfortunately, there are many people who did not read my series on personal digital security and had their legitimate Gmail or Yahoo! Accounts compromised. These compromised accounts look and feel legitimate to the algorithm and are used to send you scam emails.

How can you tell if it’s a scam? Tell-tale signs would be the name of the person sending the email being Jane Smith but the email being Does not compute! Red flag! Another common one is someone wanting you to take action and click a link. Why would the prospect want YOU to click a link and fill in your information? Red flag! If you paying any kind of money is mentioned, red flag! Maybe sometimes the email asks you to click a link to a view property they are interested in? Hover over the link and the URL will popup. See if it’s legitimate. I would expect to see, Zillow, or Trulia from a client.


The above example is an example of a very illegitimate link to a property they are “looking for.” I have never even heard of, and it definitely does not sound real estate related.

In the end, if you still cannot tell, but have an uneasy feeling, forward the email to the Technology HelpDesk ( or give us a call (210-483-7100) and we can help you determine legitimacy. A quick reach out to us could save you a gigantic headache.

Be vigilant and be smart, and you can avoid the pitfalls of the modern digital world.

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