Photo Ready? A Real Estate Photography Guideline

We are Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® a full service brokerage. As part of our PowerHouse Marketing program we have a team of professional photographers/schedulers that work with our sales agents. The majority of home buyers start their search online. When asking, why prep for photos? The answer is simple, we value the first impression that real estate photos make.


The photographs we take are used on a variety of outlets that extend away from the internet. These marketing channels include:

◆ The San Antonio & Hill Country Showcase of Homes TV Show
◆ Positioned on the most prestigious Top Tier Real Estate websites, including but not limited to:
• The Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Website (
• The Coldwell Banker National Website (
• Website (#1 home search on the Internet)
◆ Color flyers, San Antonio Business Journal (priced accordingly) and Magazine Advertising

We want the photos of your home to be the best they can. In order for us to achieve optimal results it requires teamwork and coordination. Below we have outlined some basic guidelines when preparing your home for photography.

Tips To Remember: Helpful Hints For All Areas Of The Home
◆ A thorough cleaning of the whole house is encouraged.
◆ Turn on as many lights and light features as possible.
◆ Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
◆ Turn OFF televisions and computer screens.
◆ Place shoes, jackets and other clothing in closets.
◆ Communicate with your REALTOR® about any potential concerns.


Exterior Curb Appeal: A First Impression

◆ Remove cars from driveways and the immediate surrounding street.
◆ Request neighbors kindly remove cars, trash containers, etc.,
(They want their home to look good too!)
◆ Hide or remove roll up garden hoses, trash cans and yard tools from front and back.
◆ Pick up children’s toys, pet bowls and other extraneous items.
◆ Landscaping, remove empty planters and clear up vegetation – i.e., fallen leafs/branches.
◆ Clean pool and/or spa.
◆ Tidy up outdoor furniture, displaying cushions and other patio items in an inviting manner.
◆ Turn on any water features.


Living Space: Where The Buyer And Their Family Will Spend Quality Time

◆ De-clutter fireplace/mantel and ensure it is clean. (This is often the focal point of the room)
◆ Fluff and arrange furniture pillows/throw blankets.
◆ Remove children’s toys.
◆ Remove newspapers, magazines and pet bowls.
◆ Remove excessive personalized decorative items i.e., family portraits.
◆ Consult your REALTOR®, sometimes less is more.


Kitchen Space: A Place To Create Meals And Gather Together

◆ Please remove magnets and pictures from refrigerator.
◆ Clear countertops and empty sinks except for 1-2 decorative items like a cake stand,
coffee maker or vase. This gives an open, clean feeling.
◆ Remove dish towels or ensure they are neatly arranged.
◆ Place trash receptacle in pantry or garage.


Formal Dining, Breakfast Space: Where Food And Festivities Are Enjoyed

◆ Remove children’s seats or booster chairs.
◆ Dust and polish the table.
◆ Remove excessive decorations, use a single center piece if available.
◆ Set with a nice place setting if possible.


Sleep Spaces: A Place To Recharge In A Restful Way

Master Bedroom
◆ Neatly make bed with nice linens, sham and pillow accents.
◆ Clear night tables and dressers of personal items (including charging devices).
◆ Tuck items under the bed a safe distance so they do not appear in photos.


Guest/Children’s Rooms
◆ Remove personalized names and stickers from the walls.
◆ Arrange toys and tuck away any extra items in closets.
◆ Remove awards, trophies and class photos.


Bath Spaces: Where The Buyer Envisions A Spa-Like Retreat
◆ Arrange towels so they are folded neatly.
◆ Put toilet seats down.
◆ Remove soaps, toothbrushes, deodorant and loofahs from the shower, bath and countertops.

By following this easy list by area of your home, preparing for a photography appointment should be a breeze. As with anything during the sale of your home questions should be directed to your REALTOR®. Their expertise is to your benefit during the home buying or selling process. Also if you are uncertain about someone coming to visit your home, remember, if they do not have a business card (with their photo on it) that has the Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTOR® seal on it, then do not grant them access to your home.

It is important to note that we will NEVER attempt to gain access to a home without prior scheduling with, and consent from, the owner and Sales Agent. In the event of suspicious activity, we recommend our clients contact the authorities immediately.

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