Q & A: The Broke Agent

If you are a part of the social media community you may or may not have heard of “The Broke Agent”, a semi-anonymous character that brings humor to the real estate industry. Being the conservative group of folks that we are – we will leave the joke sharing to your time spent on Facebook, but trust us it’s hilarious.

We recently reached out to The Broke Agent and they kindly obliged on a Q & A style interview. Although they are no longer completely anonymous, we will leave the researching of their identities to you. Here’s a hint courtesy of Inman.



379_2864920Q.) Why Are You Broke?


We are teetering on the edge of homelessness because of our incompetent spending habits and lack of consistent income. Just kidding. We aren’t broke. We thought it was a clever name for our “voice.” Also, 90% of agents are “broke agents” and are only doing a couple of deals a year. Everyone is sick of hearing from rich agents, so we took the other, more relatable side.


banksy-dreams_00349040Q.) Have You Ever Been Compared To Banksy?

Answer: No.




o-IHEART-facebookQ.) Did You Have To Google Banksy?


No, but I don’t really see that similarities between The Broke Agent and a graffiti artist. However, we do both shake up our respective industries and produce content under an alias.


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.46.39 PMQ.) Aside From Comedy, What Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool?


We produce content that is easily digestible and relatable. The quicker the read, the better. We utilize all channels of social media to reach our audience as the inner monologue of a real estate agent.


955_4934483Q.) In An Age Where Anonymity Is More Difficult Than Fame, How Tough Was It To Remain Out Of The Spotlight? Do You Think It Helped Your Business?


Everyone has a little “Broke Agent” in them. We want people to relate to our material and think of this character as opposed to us, personally. It has definitely helped with our business to start off, but we have now shown our faces at multiple conferences and symposiums.


511_3473812Q.) For Agents Who Choose Not To Utilize Social Media, How Much Are They Truly Missing Out On?


They are missing out on everything. Social media is a great way to expand your business and notify your audience what you can help them with. It has turned into a necessary lead generation tool that every agent should be on.


185_3114174Q.) How Do You Feel About Over-Posting On Social Media? 


A person’s timeline is very important to them. If you over-post and clog up people’s feed, they will become irritated and unfollow you. Quality of content is way more important than quantity.


112_2743252Q.) What’s Next For The Broke Agent?


A rap video, merchandise, podcasts, and weekly YouTube videos. We want to be the most recognized comedy brand in real estate.

We hope to see all these things and more from The Broke Agent. When those tough days turn the best of us into the Hulk, having a much needed laugh can turn the day around.

A special thank you to our guest The Broke Agent for taking the time to answer our half serious / half attempt a comedic questions.

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