CBDHR Real Estate Photography

In this new Experience CBDHR series CBDHR Real Estate Photography we are going to take a look through the lens of our field photographers. Our on-staff professional photographers work in a variety of fun and interesting conditions. They collectively visit over 75 houses each week (or more) during the height of real estate’s busy season.


As professionals in their craft our photographers have honed their skills and work closely with a staff of marketing professionals. Each day this team processes anywhere from 500-700 raw photo images. They are then delivered to our team of Sales Associates and uploaded into the MLS system for internet syndication and additional marketing. As a bonus, listings receive an HDR treatment. HDR, or High Dynamic Range is a style of photography that captures greater tonal depth by layering various exposures of the same photo.


No see meAlthough we have guidelines some of our photography staff still run into some interesting situations. This is a rare behind the scenes look at some of those instances – all captured on camera.




Dog in Laundry Room
Dog in Laundry Room
Unexpected Selfie
Unexpected selfie – child takes hold of our photographers camera.
Cats are by far the most amusing and love to photobomb or pose at every chance. Real photo from the field – might be this kitty’s favorite spot.
Ultimate Photo Bomb
Typical cat at the ready to ninja photobomb.
Where is Waldo
Where is Waldo moment. Almost didn’t see this lil’ cutie.
Guinea Pig Hotel
Guinea Pig Hotel – The cutest part of a photographers job
Cleaning House
Cleaning is important… However, less is clearly more.

Photos can be the key in helping to sell your home or potentially to deter interested buyers . Our professional photographers respect personal possessions and do not move or alter belongings around the home in anyway.

If you are selling your home here’s some helpful tips to ensure the best photos possible:

• Remove Clutter In Areas That Will Be Photographed

Magazines, newspapers, toys, food bowls, etc… Less is more.

• Clear Countertops As Much As Possible

• Have Beds Neatly Made

• Remove Magnets & Pictures From Fridge

• Turn On As Many Lights As Possible

• Remove Or Hide Trash Cans

• Move Cars From Driveways

• Have Furniture Displayed In An Inviting Manner

• Always Consult With Your REALTOR®

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