Realtor Roz, a Barrel Racing Superhero

Rozlyn Reeves‘ journey with horses began when she was barely old enough to hold herself up in the saddle. Growing up, her mom and dad always had horses to mount her on that were levelheaded enough to keep her safe but challenging enough to be riding and training rope horses to do speed events. Her family philosophy was always “if a horse can’t do it all, we don’t need it.

Rozlyn says that “Along the way, I never really appreciated all of the many blessings that were put into my life because up until a certain point, my life was on automatic. After the rope horses and peewee events, we had a race mare that we bred. We named her baby “Prissy” and began our backyard raising and training operations. Prissy, by the grace of God, turned out to be an All-Around Rodeo Champion who carried me through Junior High and High School Rodeos.”

During the process, Rozlyn knew she wanted to continue to further her rodeo career, so they picked out Prissy’s new ‘boyfriend’. During this whole experience, Rozlyn says that she can remember her mom saying several times, “We are giving this baby to God, if he wants this to be your future, then he will make it happen.

She goes on to say, “Of course, at that time I was an anxious eleven-year-old waiting to meet the new baby, so those words never really soaked in. In April of 2006, God blessed us with Ranger, a rambunctious little bay colt with a personality bigger than himself. Flash forward to today, Ranger is twelve years old. He is the reason I have not paid for my college education, and after 4 years of competing in college rodeo, I am looking forward to starting our next adventure wherever God leads us.”

In 2017, Ranger became very ill. Meanwhile, Rozlyn became aware that her passion in the rodeo world correlated with helping people learn how to ride and better not only themselves but their horses as well. The below video shows Rozlyn and Ranger at their first rodeo in 8 months at Bulverde CPRA:

“Training is something my mom has instilled in me,” Rozlyn says “I love helping people find common ground”. Needless to say, Rozlyn decided to share her love for helping people by assisting others in searching for their dream property. Giggling, Rozlyn says,”I literally woke up one day and thought to myself ‘Realtor Roz has a nice ring to it.”

And the rest is history.

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