Rising To The Occasion, David Kline

We often hear positive stories about families finding their way home. We also hear about the struggles that many of us face when moving. Sometimes, we hear about an experience so heartfelt that clients share their story of home. This is the case with David Kline, who rose to the occasion to ensure a couple moving from out-of-state, back to Texas had a positive experience. Here is the letter that we received:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your high level of support regarding our recent real estate search and transaction. Relocating from out of state is an extremely challenging and stressful situation. I would not have been able to accomplish my objectives and goals without your guidance and support. Your due diligence and wiliness to go well beyond showed in word but more importantly actions.

As an experienced procurement leader working for many Fortune 500 companies, I have never worked with a more seasoned and driven professional looking not just to meet my requirements, but exceed my standards.

Your service and attention to detail from the inception to completion was exemplary!

It’s refreshing to work with a professional of your caliber that educated and grounded me regarding tight market conditions; while providing realistic expectations of what’s possible and then push your limits and exceed your own expectations.

Again, It’s appropriate and fitting to thank you for a job well done!

From our entire family, Thank you for your high level of support, personally and professionally.

Please feel free to use me a reference for any customer who may have questions about your services.

For your leadership, you already know of David’s capabilities but you need to understand that in a tight market, David went above and beyond and executed flawlessly. He spent countless hours to provide a home meeting my requirements. You are extremely lucky to have David on your team but I’m confident you are already well aware of his abilities.

When promotion opportunities are due, please consider David for his “can do” attitude in words and in actions when other say it can’t be done. If David was on our C level team, I would reward him for exemplary work. Remarkable professional and words can’t adequately express my families sincere appreciation. — The Svitchan Family

We had the pleasure of speaking to these clients to provide a bit of a background on this letter. The gentlemen and his wife relocated here from Chicago. His background spans 20+ years in professional procurement dealing with billion dollar contracts for high-level companies. The level of calm, collected composure David Kline maintained during the entire process was impressive, he stated (and that’s saying something!).

A move across the country can be challenging to say the least. During the home buying process David ensured they had a good feel for the neighborhood, managed the builders, lenders and was assertive in achieving goals. It was such a rare display of above and beyond that the clients wanted to make sure David was highlighted for his achievements.

It was refreshing to hear from these homeowners that, in their experience, client service relations is ranked between 3-5 on a 1-10 scale; but David Kline and Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® illuminated the spirit of partnership with a solid “10”.

Thank you so much to these gracious homeowners who took the time during a busy move to praise David Kline’s expertise.