Rustic Décor Ideas for a Modern Farmhouse

By Fabi R. Gomes | May 20th, 2019

With a touch of comfort and a country-style appearance suggesting a nod to the past, modern farmhouse décor combines the smooth clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a unique twist on country living-inspired style. Known for its warmth and simplicity, modern farmhouse décor encourages a traditional look with a fresh approach.

1. Barn-style doors

Barn doors are not just for horses anymore; they are everywhere—and they’re wildly popular! These space-saving sliding doors with exposed hardware bring both functional and aesthetic benefits: these rustic room separators are in high demand by homeowners. Styles range from easy to more advanced, or you can commission a custom door from an experienced carpenter for a piece that is truly unique.

Barn doors built by Kapono Works for “The Elevens” on S. Press, San Antonio.

2. Barn wood bed headboards

Another trending décor element is barn wood headboards for beds. Reclaimed barn wood is a natural design choice for nearly any room in a modern farmhouse-style home. For homeowners wanting a natural feel that is both fun and light, it adds a warm, organic element to a space where you need to feel the most relaxed.

Barn wood headboard by Public House Creative

3. Live-edge furniture

Retain the look of natural wood through the use of live-edge furniture. Much of the beauty and simplicity of these pieces stem from the organic approach and embracing the imperfections of the wood. Popular pieces incorporating live-edge wood include coffee tables, kitchen islands, mantels, dinning tables, and built-in bookcases. The live-edge element adds a dose of organic style honoring the wood’s beauty.

Live edge table built by Kapono Works

4. Reclaimed wood

For homeowners embracing both a vintage and modern feel in their spaces, reclaimed wood is the perfect choice. Expanding the characteristics so many people love about wood—warmth, color, texture, grain—using reclaimed wood as wall paneling, ceiling treatment, or beams can create its very own charm. The condition of the wood chosen determines the finished appearance and the degree of rustic country aesthetic. When used on a surface that’s not walked on, reclaimed wood can be left nearly as-is—with a richer, deeper finish, and even mismatched pieces.

Reclaimed wood wall panel featured on My Daily Magazine

5. Raw wood log mosaic wall

A wood log mosaic wall can deliver a rustic-modern style to any ranch-inspired home. For homeowners who love to incorporate natural wood tones into their surroundings, this detail will add subtle, organic significance and texture to your walls.

Wood log mosaic wall built by Kapono Works

As you begin the process of decorating your home, decide your particular style and then look for ways to implement that style in the décor. Merging the natural qualities of these elements with the clean lines of your home’s contemporary space will create a comfortable, modern farmhouse retreat for you and your family.

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