Selling Your Home – With Pets

8623 PARK OLYMPIAWhether you have small furry babies or a larger pet there are several things to keep in mind when selling your home, but not your pets.

Certainly being a pet owner is something most folks can appreciate and understand. When purchasing a home carpet stains, large animals following you about and/or lingering smells do not top the lists of most buyers. With a little pre-planning and some helpful tips in mind, it is possible to successfully sell your home without turning away selective buyers.

There are several stages in the marketing and showing process that will showcase the home both online and in-person. PRIOR to this it is important to touch on each of the below items for best results on the return of your powerful investment in the current home where you reside.

1.) DEEP CLEAN. Depending on the size of your pet this could potentially take more than just an evening. Consider time and start sooner rather than later. Start by vacuuming, sweeping, clearing vents and other areas where pet hair can accumulate. Wipe down surfaces of dust and other debris. Spot clean and/or rent a steam cleaner if there are obvious stains. Should there be extensive pet damage replacing the carpet might be a good idea.

2.) REPAIR DAMAGES. For items that are not remaining with the house like scratched couches, torn ottomans or other furniture slip covers are a great option. Along baseboards and door frames, sanding and repainting are a simple way to eliminate damages can stick out in an otherwise tidy home.

3.) REMOVE PET ITEMS. Find a spot in the home where things like beds, toys, cages and other signs of pets can be stored. If things like kennels or reptile cages are too large to be moved ensure they look clean. If it is an option, relocating terrarium pets to a friends house might be the best solution.

4.) CLEAN THE YARD. This is important for the most common reason. Pet refuse and other unsightly evidence is the quickest way to turn buyers out of the door. Fill in holes in dirt or patches in grassy area for lawns. Double check the fence is intact and does not require repairs. Hire a professional to replace damaged or missing portions of fence.

5.) LEAVE DURING SHOWINGS. Allowing the buyers to move freely through out the home is ideal. This opens them to embracing the idea that this (your home) might be the place where building future memories is possible for their family. This includes homing your pets elsewhere during this time. If you own a dog, let her play at the park or for cat owners re-situating them a friends house would be a wonderful choice.

Selling HOme with pets -2Working with a licensed REALTOR® will give you the peace of mind that there is a professional on your side who can assist you through this process. Offering guidance with pets is just one aspect of how they are there to help you. Communicate with your REALTOR® so together a plan can be formed prior to showings and photography. By keeping these tips in mind you can own pets and sell your home simultaneously!