Should I Get A Tablet Or Laptop?

One of our on-staff network analysts, Jason Bird, was kind enough to offer his technological insights as a guest writer. Below Jason will outline a commonly asked question regarding laptops versus tablets, with answers to help guide the best decision for you.

“Should I get a tablet or a laptop for my real estate business?”



Tablet vs. laptop is a common decision I see agents struggle with.


To me, the decision becomes clearer when you weigh two factors: production vs. consumption
Let me explain.




When I say production, I mean the active creation, editing, producing of actual documents such as slideshows, photographs, contracts, etc. Do you often find yourself creating and editing a lot of documents? This is the production side of the scale.


When I say consumption, I am talking about the active viewing, presenting, reading, or browsing of documents. Do you find yourself more often reviewing, reading, watching, or presenting your contracts or slideshows? If you watch a lot of movies, or look at a lot of photos, you are consuming media.


770_3758739Once you have weighed how much you need from each of those factors, then you can decide on the form your new device will take.


“I feel as though I consume media 90% of the time.”


A tablet is perfect for you. You want this device to take in client homes and show off a listing presentation or the wonderful photos that Marketing has taken of homes. You want to show the listing videos and the why-list-with-us video to the client and have it be a in a sleek, compact, and easy to use device that has extended battery and the “cool” factor.


A tablet will also offer you the ability to edit or create documents in a pinch, but it will not be as easy as doing it on a laptop or desktop computer.


“Jason, I really need a device more than a tablet because this will be my all around work device.”


438_3370777A laptop is great for you. A laptop affords you the luxury of a full desktop-class operating system with full-featured applications. It has the keyboard you know and love and will be your production workhorse.


A laptop is still portable and still can be used as a listing presentation device but is heavier, has less battery life and, sometimes, more cumbersome to use.


The advent of hybrid devices such as iPad Pro, Surface Pro and 2-in-1 laptops muddy these waters, but they also have tradeoffs beyond the scope of this blog.

This, of course, is a rough guideline but if you have any questions, want help choosing a device or just want to discuss these points further, my number is (210) 483-7106 and I am always happy to help.


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