Success Stories: Christian Padilla, Finding The Path Home

Christian Padilla, a 19 year old, new agent who works out of our Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTOR® North East Sales Office,  wasted no time in absorbing all the knowledge he could. This included answering phones, asking questions and seeking mentors. His first sale wasn’t far behind when he received a phone call from a couple who were renting their home. In the conversation, they told Christian that currently they were in a rental budget of about $1,800, but were looking into different properties.

Building a successful real estate career is a full-time commitment. It begins with learning the basics and passing courses as needed to acquire your real estate license. When Christian joined our CBHarper Family, he attended the education courses as offered for all our sales agents at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®. Lead by Addie Langehennig, our Professional Development courses are designed to empower sales agents with all the innovative tools and materials available, including our PowerHouse Marketing Program.

With the knowledge he had gained through various programs presented to him, Christian identified a solution before hanging up the phone. He identified the clients’ needs and offered them a list of homes that met specific criteria discussed. Additionally, he proposed the program that might allow them to purchase their first home, instead of rent the next one. To his delight, they were very interested in this particular program and wanted to get started right away.

Typically, home buying can be a lengthy process but Christian was happy to report that they were approved the very next day. After a search through the website, the couple found a few homes that appealed to them. Within a week an offer was submitted, an application accepted and inspections were passed. With the closing set for August 8th, it was absolutely considered a speedy process. The home buyers, who selected a higher price point property, were thrilled to be putting the rental money towards a home they will now own.

We asked Christian for his perspective on this home selling experience and he said, “It just shows that no matter how much experience you have, or what age you are, if you put in the work and know how to properly use the tools at hand, that anyone can be successful in this business.”

We couldn’t agree more Christian! As a young REALTOR®, you are building a brand, so ideally you should always have a full schedule. Whether speaking to clients, committed to training or marketing – it is a tireless career that has many benefits that include money, long-term relationships, knowledge and helping families find their way home.

If you would like more information on how Christian can help you buy your next home, contact him:

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