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Unknown-1Four Austin, TX Vegan Blogger friends sat around talking about tacos in September 2013. Many of us already eat a lot of them but four “taco scientists” have come up with a taco plan they say will help change your life. Jessica Morris, daughter of our New Braunfels Office Vice President of Residential Sales, Julie Gezella, is one of the scientists along with Wes Allison (son-in-law), Stephanie Bogdanich and Molly R. Frisinger. They wondered if one could eat tacos for 30 days straight. The Taco Cleanse was born. Created through chronicling all their taco recipes so no two tacos were alike, the blog was picked up by a publisher,  who enjoyed the satire against old fashioned Cleanses as much as they did. With a total of 75 different vegan taco recipes, the group decided to publish a book for all to reap the benefits!

Texas is the home of the taco.  Austin is the home of Vegans. Marry the two and – bam!! A cookbook that is the fad diet to end all fad diets! But this one isn’t lemon juice, cayenne pepper or any number of other horrendous ‘lose weight quick’ fads. During the time when diets are the rage for the new year, this one is fun, and full of fresh veggies. Ok, tequila is involved, but who eats tacos without Margaritas?

Taco Cleanse BookIt’s not just a cookbook.  There’s taco yoga exercise illustrations, and a quiz to see exactly what kind of taco connoisseur you are. If you can do all 30 days then you’ll reach the “FUEGO” state, in which “your entire life will IGNITE with passion”. Basically, it’s taco nirvana.  Tacos cure what ails you.  In fact, it’s proven that Molly, one of the scientists, was able to conceive a long awaited child. And Wes, the only male taco scientist, was able to grow a long and amazing beard – something he could only dream about. All because of the cleansing. Now, you get the idea? The book is funny, and has been sweeping the country.

Among the national media outlets to have picked up this story are The Los Angeles Times, The Today Show, E! Online via Jennifer Aniston, who is onboard with the taco cleanse.

Numerous local news stations have been more than happy to indulge their taco dreams by detoxing deliciously. “Even if you do nothing else, your mood will brighten in just 24 hours. Keep eating tacos and within a week your outlook will be noticeably improved,” the book promises. “After 30 days, cleansers report lasting benefits—and you will, too!”

ATXU Investigates: The Taco Cleanse:

While this is “nacho” typical cleanse, it certainly has created national buzz! Already sold out on AmazonThe Taco Cleanse is easy and delicious. Its recipes are authentically Austin, and are sometimes even inspired by Mexico. Other recent appearances on San Antonio KENS 5, FOX 7 Austin, Meredith Vieira have led the scientists to Portland and Seattle for book signings and then to Fox And Friends to be interviewed. 

Laura Beck, editor for Cosmopolitan and “Vegansaurus” writer, backed the brow-raising cleanse in the book’s foreword. “You’ll walk away with an actual diploma that proves to the world that you are a taco-loving lunatic not to be messed with. Taco speed, my little tacos,” she vouched.

#1 BEST SELLER in Cooking Humor, who knows what else is in store for the next chapter of The Taco Cleanse. All that the four of these Scientists know is maybe drinking too many margaritas one afternoon and coming up with a crazy idea, wasn’t so crazy after all!

Thank you Julie Gezella for bringing us this story!

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Keep calm and taco on!