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The Dance between Patience and Mindful Business, by Wes Pinkston

You’ve heard of Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles, The Altman Brothers and The Broke Agent, or at this point we’re assuming you have. If not, perhaps you’ve heard of Inman or Swanepoel? Following these various industry outlets may or may not have introduced you to the name Wes Pinkston. In fact, we had a Q & A session here, during his time with The Broke Agent.

In late spring 2016, Wes decided to pursue independent digital marketing consultation. Just before his 30th birthday a profound experience took place that caused a shift in his level of consciousness and self understanding. He describes this journey as the path that let inward to truths and the inspiration for establishing his own practice. You can read all about his story here.

In the meantime, with permission from Wes himself we’d like to publish a portion of one article. If you’re looking for encouragement, life coaching or a new perspective his blog can be read here.

January 10, 2017

The Dance between Patience and Mindful Business
by Wes Pinkston

In today’s business culture, common words that are thrown around are “Grinding,” “Hustle,” “Workaholic,” “Do, Do, Do,” “More! More! More!.” The business culture I was deeply embedded in and the values it upheld and what I directly came in contact with based on my own immediate feelings, always seemed out of harmony. We are quickly handed the industry rhetoric as to how things are, the proverbial “blueprint for success.” Follow this concept, this model, and you will achieve the reward. We quickly hit the ground running because we have the consistent set of waves coming in known as bills, debt, and so on. There is no time for patience, for reflection, I need to go DO something or the industry will leave me in the dust, I will lose to the competition, I won’t be able to pay my bills or maintain MY lifestyle.

Take a deep breath… the momentum and tension builds and builds until it works against us completely.

In the same way we are handed a concept of “how it is” in business, the same goes for life. What I failed to realize, and many others, is the mere fact that it is simply THEIR concept as to how life or the industry is, just one concept of seemingly infinite. Once we believe what we are told as to “how it is” then we use such a small portion of our unique faculty and creativity because there is a small space of wiggle room within the confining walls of “their concept and models for what THEY believe success is” and how to achieve it. Learn what you’d like from mentors, teachers etc and then forget it all, throw it away, the information and technologies available now didn’t exists back then when they developed their models and concepts, and most importantly it was contoured to fit their unique faculty, not yours.

Manifest your own concepts and models that work within the harmony of YOU and the unique faculty you have at your disposal.

Before you begin in an industry, it is highly beneficial to first look at it from a birds eye view as a “Game.” By game I mean it adheres to rules, roles, and boundaries. Regardless of industry, everything operates within a system of order, some more complicated than others. The one that truly understands this, does not view business as competitive, rather they view it as collaborative. The Male Dominator Complex influenced by greed and fear that many in the business world are working off of is not worth any amount of material gain compared to what it costs you in the end.

The Rules and Boundaries of the game you are entering into are rather simple concepts, your Role in the game is what I’d like to dive deeper into…

Until you clearly figure out what your role is, your strengths and what you enjoy, how this “work” fits within your ideal day, which hopefully you have drawn out, you’ll just inherit someone else’s concept or model for success, that was completely molded to fit their strengths and their lifestyle. You’ll quickly find yourself in situations, like I did, where you are “forcing” or “grinding” yourself to work in ways that are out of touch of your natural rhythm rather than shaping your work day around your strengths and special faculty we all have.

[ Read the full story by clicking here ]

Thank you Wes for allowing us to share your message! If you have an inspirational story that you would like to share, please email us at PR@CBHarper.com

Inspirational Insight: Lighthouse vs. Tugboat

The daily grind of work and responsibilities can sometimes leave us in a whirlwind of anxiety. Our lives are filled with stressors but we DO have the power to take charge. We can be the force in our own lives to transform a slump into true motivation. Take a step back and ask yourself, what are my goals? Am I on the path to achievement, to happiness or both? What does your future really look like?

There is a Jiu Jitsu Club in Austin with a fantastic coach and this message today was inspired by him. It is the concept of being a lighthouse versus a tugboat.

Both a lighthouse and tugboat provide a purpose. They both have a view of the ocean, similarly they are both designed to help guide boats to safety. Ultimately, it is HOW they serve their purpose that defines the difference.

Tugboats travel out onto the ocean and use force to tug huge ships back to port. They pull and push will all the might they have to bring the ship back to the harbor. Metaphorically speaking, they work so hard in pulling a single ship into port that they wear themselves down.


Are you relentlessly a tugboat? Pulling, for change in your life – to make empty friendships better, to save people or to chase a losing situation. By giving everything you have to pull others into change it has the potential to burn out your motor.

201_2651329Lighthouses shine, brightly guiding many ships safely to the harbor. They stand firmly rooted and tall, weathering storms and strong winds. They are a beacon. Ships from vast distances at sea can choose to follow its guiding light but it doesn’t affect how brightly the lighthouse shines. Continually the lighthouse shines, no matter the path the boat chooses, it is not worn down by the effort. It withstands turbulent seas and remains constant.

Can you change others and external situations by being a lighthouse? Absolutely, but it is not up to you. In the case of the lighthouse, you will not exhaust yourself as a beacon of light. You cannot make people care by pulling nor can you tug them in considerate behavior or better work ethic. In the end you will burn yourself out and in-turn fail to help them and yourself. It is a losing situation.

Strive to be the lighthouse, radiating light and positivity to those in your life. Look for positive people to share experiences and seek self-improvement. Whether it be a better life, increased finances or physical fitness, stay focused, let your light shine to those who wish to be drawn in.