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Jan Hicinbothom Selected for the Political Involvement Council for Texas Association of REALTORS®

September 2017Jan Hicinbothom has been selected to the Political Involvement Council for Texas Association of REALTORS®. Members of the Political Involvement Council (PIC) are a hand-selected team tasked with creating a culture of political activism within the Texas REALTORS® community.

PIC members are charged with:

• Organizing REALTORS® support for Opportunity Race candidates.

• Assisting local boards with candidate interviews.

• Speaking to local membership meetings, committees, TAR (Texas Association of REALTOR®) regional meetings, and TREPAC events.

• Giving updates, on government affairs efforts such as elections, legislation, grassroots and other initiatives.

• Identifying local REALTORS® who serve as elected officials.

• Providing grassroots support for Issues Mobilization campaigns.

• Increasing participation in Calls for Action.

• Promoting REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol, Texas REALTORS® Candidate Academy, and other grassroots programs.

Jan Hicinbothom maintains membership in the National Association of REALTORS, the Texas Association of REALTORS, and the San Antonio Board of REALTORS and as a member, she and all REALTORS have a code of ethics to maintain. Jan abides by this code in all her transactions. The Code of Ethics requires that Realtors treat all parties involved in a real estate transaction fairly and honestly. Jan is a full-time real estate professional serving San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, New Braunfels, Universal City, Converse and surrounding cities and counties since 2000.

Jan is a certified Relocation Specialist through the Coldwell Banker network. During her many years helping clients find a home or sell a house, she has provided service to well over 250. A large share of this business has been to help our active duty members of the Armed Services, both USAA and Navy Federal CU.

Jan Hicinbothom Completes Real Estate Business Planning and Marketing Course

Jan Hicinbothom Completes Real Estate Business Planning and Marketing Course

Contact: Jan Hicinbothom, REALTOR®, CRS, GRI, TAHS, TRLP

Phone: (210) 483-6208 • Email: jhicinbothom@cbharper.com


 [San Antonio, TX] ─ (January 18-19, 2017) ─ Jan Hicinbothom with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® in San Antonio, TX has just complete a highly specialized course, Business Planning and Marketing, presented by the Council of Residential Specialists.

During the two-day course, which was conducted in San Antonio, participants learned the fundamentals of business planning, including how to create a business plan, set a budget to meet income goals and implement a marketing plan. Understanding these essential business activities helps participants increase their productivity and increase their income potential as residential real estate professionals.

“The opportunity to learn some new marketing techniques, will help me effectively serve my real estate clients,” says Hicinbothom. “I have already begun to apply some of the ideas and strategies that I learn in this course in my business.”

For information about the Business Planning and Marketing course or any of the courses offered by the Council Residential Specialists, visit www.crs.com or call 1-800-462-8841.

The Council of Residential Specialists is a not-for-hire affiliate of the National Associations of REALTORS® comprised of nearly 40,000 members. It awards the CRS Designation to experienced REALTORS® who have completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate.


Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS® can be reached at (210) 483-7581 or pr@cbharper.com and has been an affiliate of the Coldwell Banker Franchise System for over 30 years.  Visit our facebook page and blog for supportive content and articles, as well as our YouTube channel 

In Recognition of Jan Hicinbothom

December 6th, 2016 — Texas Association of REALTORS® recognized Jan Hicinbothom for her 4 years of service from 2013 – 2016 on The Board of Trustees of TREPAC (Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee).

The TAR is an advocate for private-property rights and the real estate industry in Texas. Established in 1920, it has grown to more than 100,000 members and is one of the largest professional-membership associations in Texas. Their mission is to empower its members to influence the government to promote private-property ownership and rights, advocate for Texas REALTORS® and property owners and keep homeownership affordable.

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. Only those who abide by a code of ethics that goes beyond what the law requires may join the TAR. Read more about the REALTOR® Code of Ethics here. As a member of TAR Jan Hicinbothom worked to protect the rights of property owners. With the other members of TAR she helped fight proposals that would increase the burdens on buying, selling and owning real estate. As a whole they brought, and will continue to bring, property-owners’ concerns to the Legislature, regulatory agencies and local authorities.

Jan Hicinbothom, has been an agent with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® over 13 years. Jan has extended experience with military and corporate relocation. In 2009, the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® named her Salesperson of the Year. In 2010 she was awarded both the TAR Strike Force Award and the Coldwell Banker Sterling Society. Her accomplishments don’t stop there, Graduate of the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP) and SABOR Governmental Affairs. Also she was named Texas Association of REALTORS® TREPAC Trustee for 2015-2016 and the 2016 TAR Board of Directors.

Jan Hicinbothom maintains membership in the National Association of REALTORS®, the Texas Association of REALTORS®, and the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® and as a member she and all REALTORS® have a code of ethics to maintain. Jan abides by this code in all her transactions. The Code of Ethics requires that REALTORS® treat all parties involved in a real estate transaction fairly and honestly. Jan is a full time real estate professional serving San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, New Braunfels, Universal City, Converse and surrounding cities and counties since 2000!

We applaud you for your hard work these past 4 years. Your dedication to our real estate community is greatly admired. From the entire team here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® – thank you for your service!


Jan Hicinbothom, REALTOR®
“Jan Can Make The Difference!”
North East Sales Office
902 Coronado Blvd.,
Universal City, TX 78148
(210) 452-3945 mobile
(210) 483-6208 office



Team Building and CBHarper Family with Wade Phillips

Recently Wade Phillips and JoHelen Clark opened up their home to the CBHarper Family of the North East Office. It was a wonderful gathering for those who so often work tirelessly. It is this type of event that makes us all realize how lucky we are to be part of a company that values team building and each individual.

In an everyday environment where attention is focused on making clients happy, business sometimes forget about their most valued asset – sales agents and employees. Here is why we believe in more than just team building – connecting with one another as family, the CBHarper Family. It breaks down barriers, increases trust with each other and closes gaps that occur in a business setting. Additionally, outside an office setting team members can ignite creativity and discuss new ideas. These sparks are then taken back to the office where one is able to think outside of a normal routine. By opening communication and allowing a comfortable platform to express ideas, professionals are motivated to take on new challenges. Overall it enables us to embrace better relationships and ultimately increase our levels of success. We rise by lifting each other.

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SABOR General Membership Breakfast – Join Us July 13th!

Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® is encouraging all of their sales agents to be a part of this year’s Annual General Membership Breakfast on Wednesday, July 13th. Any REALTOR® can and should attend. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the real estate community. It is your membership, it is your San Antonio Board of REALTORS®! Registration available on IMS.

Mayor Ivy Taylor will be the guest speaker for this event. Additionally, SABOR we be presenting the slate of nominees for the Board of Directors at the Annual Membership Breakfast. There will be food items on which to bid and our own Jan Hicinbothom is bringing her Specialty Rum Cake.

What: General Membership Breakfast

When: Wednesday, July 13th
Breakfast & Registration at 8:30am
Program 8:45am – 10:00am

Where: SABOR Auditorium

Who: Contact Jan Hicinbothom

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.57.53 PM

Jan Hicinbothom
Jan Can Make the Difference!

North East Sales Office
9025 Coronado Blvd., Universal City TX 78148

(210) 483-6208 office
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