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Memorial Day: A Story of Remembrance

This Memorial Day, the story of the remembrance table will become a bit better known. It is with great thanks to Bill L. Starr, an agent with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®, for his service to our country. He set up “The Fallen Man Table”. The tradition of setting a separate table in honor of our prisoners of war and missing comrades has been in place since the end of the Vietnam War. The manner is which this table is decorated is full of special symbols to help us remember our brothers and sisters in arms.

The white tablecloth draped over the table represents the purity of their response to our country’s call to arms.

The empty chair depicts an unknown face, representing no specific Airman, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier, but all who are not here with us.

The table itself is round to show that our concern for them is never-ending.

The black napkin stands for the emptiness these warriors have left in the hearts of their families and friends.

The single red rose to remind us of their families and loved ones.

The red ribbon represents the love of our country, which inspired them to answer the nation’s call.

The slices of lemon on the bread plate remind us of their bitter fate.

The salt upon the bread plate represents the tears of their families.

The wine glass turned upside down, reminds us that our distinguished comrades cannot be with us to drink a toast or join in the festivities of the evening.

We would like to wish you all an honorable Memorial Day. Join us in thanking those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Also, let us recognize the families and friends who have supported our servicemen and women as they defend our freedom and country. It is their memory we wish to hold dear.

Have an Honorable Memorial Day.

Memorial Day 2015

This weekend marks the Memorial Day Holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, a federal holiday honoring the memory of our country’s armed forces who died while serving. People gather on this day to remember loved ones and even use this as an opportunity for family reunions. As we enter this holiday weekend here is some information to help plan safe travels.

TrafficMany are expected to travel with friends or family to state parks, picnics, beaches and other activities. AAA predicts that automotive travel this Memorial Day will be up 5.3%, or 33 million travelers compared to last year’s holiday weekend. With gas prices not expected to change that much, this means the cheapest Memorial Day gasoline prices in at least five years.

TXDot encourages travelers to plan ahead and travels safely. Keep in mind that the heaviest traffic is expected Thursday, Friday and Monday afternoon. Make travel accommodations accordingly to avoid peak traffic volumes between 1:00pm – 7:00 on those days.

285_2786628Downloading traffic apps to your smart phone or tablet can help minimize stress. One of the best apps we’ve found is called Waze, a buddy-system community that generates real time traffic updates via user generated experiences. Fellow ‘Wazers’ provide alerts on accidents, traffic jams as well as photos and feedback bubbles all submitted by other travelers. Best of all, its free. This navigation app also provides other information like gas prices, road construction / hazard information, ETAs and community edited maps.

Also a good resource is the Texas Travel Information Division available here. Or get info on highway conditions here.

Not sure of where to go? Click here to visit Texas Parks & Wildlife Division and view a list of all the state park locations.