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How Do You Know? Real Estate Photography & You.

How Do You Know? Real Estate Photography & You. Guest article by Diego Henriquez “How do you know when you’re ready?” this question has been asked for generations – marriage, children, college, etc… The answer always seems to be the same, “you just know.” Unfortunately, this particular answer cannot be[…]

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Home Staging Benefits

It’s easy to understand why a beautiful home sells. Seeing perfectly placed pillows set in against a lovely corresponding color themed sofa conjures images of coming home. Reaching families by appealing to the possibilities they have in front of them is potentially the quickest way to sell a home. More[…]

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CBDHR Real Estate Photography

In this new Experience CBDHR series CBDHR Real Estate Photography we are going to take a look through the lens of our field photographers. Our on-staff professional photographers work in a variety of fun and interesting conditions. They collectively visit over 75 houses each week (or more) during the height of real[…]

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