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Real Estate Insights: Managing Your Brand

What is a “brand”? Ultimately, it is all about repetition of a design theme presenting yourself or your business to make it known, ideally memorable. A good brand means good business. Done correctly, and consistently, you will gain the reputation you desire. It is who you are and how you want your business to be represented.

Developing a trustworthy, recognizable brand will likely bring you loyal clients. With some set-up work and dedication early on, your long-term marketing plan with flourish. Starting with a few basics will gain you the foothold to expand outward.

While these outlets can vary based on your target demographic, here are the top outlets we recommend and how to tackle each:


Coldwell Banker logo, design background, color theme and tagline.

Logo and Theme: This can be just your name and tagline, or it can be an icon. Both would need a coordinating design in which to display your business. Here is a sample of what the Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® logo theme looks like. Part of determining this means understanding what you wish to be known for – what are you areas of expertise?

Develop this by asking questions like;
1.) What is the “one thing” you truly enjoy or excel at?
2.) Will you still be interested in this 6 months to a year from now?
3.) How has this been developed in my market currently? How will I be different?

Perhaps there is a play on words or type of imagery that highlights your particular area. Brainstorming and planning in this stage is the foundation.

Online Presence: Ensure your name, profile design and other imagery look consistent across your social profiles. Do you need accounts on every social media platform? No.
It is worth noting that if you have accounts with the main social media outlets it will significantly increase your online audience and social media lead generation network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+).

Examples of consistency and digital profiles:

Facebook Profile:


Facebook profile, complete with logo and online source where more information can be found, in this case the website.


Twitter Profile:

Twitter profile with account name that is easy to find and remember - @CBDHR - also relevant to business name.

Twitter profile with account name that is easy to find and remember – @CBDHR – also relevant to business name. Consistent artwork on profile image with logo and website as well.


Pinterest Profile:

Pinterest profile, using the available customizable space logo, website and business description are added.

Pinterest profile, using the available customizable space logo, website and business description are added.

Google+ Profile:

Google+ profile, while this can be the most challenging to setup and manage it is by far the most rewarding in terms of "search-ability" improvement and gains.

Google+ profile, while this can be the most challenging to setup and manage it is by far the most rewarding in terms of “search-ability” improvement and gains.

Additional notes on social media:
1.) Reserve your name on all social media channels, ie., there is a site called Knowem and you can check availability of your name on social networks you’re using currently or might use in future.

2.) Use a consistent name and profile image across all social media outlets.

3.) Have a unique blurb or “about me” write up to copy and paste for your bio section on social pages. It is worth the time to have it saved under a “branding folder” reserved for your business planning information.

Printed Materials: This can very depending on what marketing strategy you have employed. For the purposes of providing an example, we’ve listed the most commonly used printed items you might be utilizing. Add your logo and design theme along with tagline to the following items as a final step to remaining consistently branded across both digital and print.

1.) Brochures and flyers, again consistency in color theme and logo. Using the same profile information and photo.


2.) Business cards and signature artwork. Check your brokerage guidelines, but adding a logo and using the same profile pictures are key here.


3.) Direct mail, thank you cards or other printed items should also have the same layout. If you have the resources it is worth it to have this setup ahead of time. Expanding on a solid foundation is much easier than reformulating your ideas to each effort.


Final Notes:
The most important thing however, is to know what tools you have available. Fortunately, our agents here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® have access to a vast network of branding tools. Our internal systems and marketing professionals provide many if not all the items above. If you have questions on how to employ a branding strategy email us at PR@CBHarper.com



Photo Ready? A Real Estate Photography Guideline

We are Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® a full service brokerage. As part of our PowerHouse Marketing program we have a team of professional photographers/schedulers that work with our sales agents. The majority of home buyers start their search online. When asking, why prep for photos? The answer is simple, we value the first impression that real estate photos make.


The photographs we take are used on a variety of outlets that extend away from the internet. These marketing channels include:

◆ The San Antonio & Hill Country Showcase of Homes TV Show
◆ Positioned on the most prestigious Top Tier Real Estate websites, including but not limited to:
• The Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Website (cbharper.com)
• The Coldwell Banker National Website (coldwellbanker.com)
• Realtor.com Website (#1 home search on the Internet)
◆ Color flyers, San Antonio Business Journal (priced accordingly) and Magazine Advertising

We want the photos of your home to be the best they can. In order for us to achieve optimal results it requires teamwork and coordination. Below we have outlined some basic guidelines when preparing your home for photography.

Tips To Remember: Helpful Hints For All Areas Of The Home
◆ A thorough cleaning of the whole house is encouraged.
◆ Turn on as many lights and light features as possible.
◆ Turn OFF all ceiling fans.
◆ Turn OFF televisions and computer screens.
◆ Place shoes, jackets and other clothing in closets.
◆ Communicate with your REALTOR® about any potential concerns.


Exterior Curb Appeal: A First Impression

◆ Remove cars from driveways and the immediate surrounding street.
◆ Request neighbors kindly remove cars, trash containers, etc.,
(They want their home to look good too!)
◆ Hide or remove roll up garden hoses, trash cans and yard tools from front and back.
◆ Pick up children’s toys, pet bowls and other extraneous items.
◆ Landscaping, remove empty planters and clear up vegetation – i.e., fallen leafs/branches.
◆ Clean pool and/or spa.
◆ Tidy up outdoor furniture, displaying cushions and other patio items in an inviting manner.
◆ Turn on any water features.


Living Space: Where The Buyer And Their Family Will Spend Quality Time

◆ De-clutter fireplace/mantel and ensure it is clean. (This is often the focal point of the room)
◆ Fluff and arrange furniture pillows/throw blankets.
◆ Remove children’s toys.
◆ Remove newspapers, magazines and pet bowls.
◆ Remove excessive personalized decorative items i.e., family portraits.
◆ Consult your REALTOR®, sometimes less is more.


Kitchen Space: A Place To Create Meals And Gather Together

◆ Please remove magnets and pictures from refrigerator.
◆ Clear countertops and empty sinks except for 1-2 decorative items like a cake stand,
coffee maker or vase. This gives an open, clean feeling.
◆ Remove dish towels or ensure they are neatly arranged.
◆ Place trash receptacle in pantry or garage.


Formal Dining, Breakfast Space: Where Food And Festivities Are Enjoyed

◆ Remove children’s seats or booster chairs.
◆ Dust and polish the table.
◆ Remove excessive decorations, use a single center piece if available.
◆ Set with a nice place setting if possible.


Sleep Spaces: A Place To Recharge In A Restful Way

Master Bedroom
◆ Neatly make bed with nice linens, sham and pillow accents.
◆ Clear night tables and dressers of personal items (including charging devices).
◆ Tuck items under the bed a safe distance so they do not appear in photos.


Guest/Children’s Rooms
◆ Remove personalized names and stickers from the walls.
◆ Arrange toys and tuck away any extra items in closets.
◆ Remove awards, trophies and class photos.


Bath Spaces: Where The Buyer Envisions A Spa-Like Retreat
◆ Arrange towels so they are folded neatly.
◆ Put toilet seats down.
◆ Remove soaps, toothbrushes, deodorant and loofahs from the shower, bath and countertops.

By following this easy list by area of your home, preparing for a photography appointment should be a breeze. As with anything during the sale of your home questions should be directed to your REALTOR®. Their expertise is to your benefit during the home buying or selling process. Also if you are uncertain about someone coming to visit your home, remember, if they do not have a business card (with their photo on it) that has the Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTOR® seal on it, then do not grant them access to your home.

It is important to note that we will NEVER attempt to gain access to a home without prior scheduling with, and consent from, the owner and Sales Agent. In the event of suspicious activity, we recommend our clients contact the authorities immediately.

882 Santa Cruz

Custom Videos, Aerials, Virtual Tours – Oh My!

The ever progressing façade of Real Estate Marketing, which once was just magazine ads and pictures is now a vast selection of interactive technology – but only if you’ve teamed up with the right brokerage.

What has propelled the advancement of real estate’s marketing technology? The answer lies in the home buyer and the new, dynamic landscape of how we communicate. The digital world has grown into a resource that offers information for a community that is busier, inquisitive and discerning. At Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® we rise to meet that need through innovative tools and media.

When you work with a Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® Sales Agent that means you are gaining access to the widest variety of marketing tools and technology. Professional graphic designers, photographers, videographers and information technology specialists are on-staff to highlight each aspect of homes through high-end marketing and digital systems. With our singularly unique services corner-stoned in the PowerHouse Marketing program, we help our Sales Agents achieve the best marketing across numerous platforms.

ArchwayOnline digital photography is one of the most significant factors in real estate marketing and advertising today. Professionally produced photos will hold the attention of buyers, while poor photos drive viewers away. Our experienced photographers are prepared for compositional challenges such as lighting, small rooms, furniture angles and reflections. Great real estate photos attract more viewers and more business for our listings. Your home will be remembered long after others have been forgotten.

We have compiled this article to showcase examples of homes our photographers have captured. Perfected by the talents of our graphic designers, these homes display a synergistic approach to preparing images our clients will love.

Professional Photography

PowerHouse Marketing: Benefits and Features

Blue View: A 3D experience created by using a specialized camera that shoots a full 360 degree view, capturing every angle of the home, capturing a virtual space to walk through and examine every detail.

3D Blue View

Professional Brochures: Professionally designed color brochures are provided for every listing (also available in digital formats). Crafted to show off the property to its fullest potential, these brochures have information about each home such as pictures, price and unique selling points.

Professionally Designed Brochures

Showcase of Homes TV Show: Real Estate’s only TV show in San Antonio airs Sundays, 10:30am on News Four San Antonio or 24/7 on cbharper.tv. On select dates our Luxury Series TV Show is also broadcast immediately following this program.

Showcase of Homes example

Real Estate Guide Magazine: Homes appear in this magazine with photos of the front exterior, informative descriptions and the contact information of each Sales Agent. Distributed throughout the city at H-E-B, Jim’s and CVS, this magazine is also available as an e-Magazine here.

Real Estate Guide

Custom Videos, Aerial Photography and YouTube Virtual Tours: Custom videos and slide show presentations appear on YouTube for each listing based on price category. Our YouTube channel is a hub for all of the custom videos that are broadcast via other social media and online outlets. Subscribe here.


Internet Marketing: Buyers worldwide can see our homes on the most popular real estate websites including: Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, ColdwellBanker.com, Yahoo and many more! In addition, we have a specialized online team that works behind the scenes to promote homes through various social media outlets.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.58.38 AM

Direct Mail Programs: This can include announcement postcards for “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” homes, as well as exclusive programs through vendors who offer specialized offers for recipients.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.05.38 AM

At Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® we work together as a family of professionals. The employees work directly with the Sales Agents in a variety of capacities to assist with listings from start to finish. Non-competitive managers are available at each of our 8 offices providing a solid knowledge base to empower the success and maintain the gold standard of excellence in the real estate industry. Our CB Harper Family would be happy to help you find your next home or launch you into a career in real estate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.59.06 AM

Interested in becoming a real estate agent or have more questions? Contact Allen Pozzi at apozzi@cbharper.com about career development options or pr@cbharper.com with inquiries about our exclusive PowerHouse Marketing Program.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.59.13 AM

Blue View Tour – A Home Captured, Virtually

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.42.42 PMBlue View is our newest, innovative Marketing tool – a 3D camera that shoots a full 360 degree view of homes. It captures every angle of the home and creates a virtual space to walk through and examine every detail. When one of our Sales Agents submits a qualified listing, our team of Marketing professionals gets to work in preparing the home for this exclusive opportunity.

This month’s featured Blue View 3D Tour is brought to us by Cheree Rey. Winner of the Summit Award for Best Custom Product Design in its class, 902 Campanile is truly captivating. In a forest setting on a cul-de-sac, this approximately 4,341 sqft. home is placed on over 2.5 acres. Some of the features include a Chef’s kitchen with built-in 48 inch side by side fridge, warming drawer, 6 burner Viking range, wet bar, pot-filler faucet by stove and breakfast island. Beautiful decorative details like Carrera Marble, custom stained concrete and Walnut cabinetry set this home apart. Additionally, there is an outdoor living area with pool/spa in a private setting, plus a basketball court. Take a look at this visually appealing paradise in virtual reality!

Just click the link below:


Our BlueView crew works directly with the Sales Agents and home owners to ensure the best possible presentation of the home. A carefully constructed list of guidelines are provided to allow preparation prior to this in-depth appointment. Our BlueView crew does turn on all lights, turn off ceiling fans, adjust lighting regarding blinds or window coverings, close doors to areas not needing to be featured and conduct a final walk through.

When viewing the 3D Blue View there are several options to look through the home:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.42.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.42.13 PM

We are still proud to provide custom videos and all the other elements of PowerHouse Marketing. This Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTOR® exclusive is just another layer to our innovative toolbox of PowerHouse Marketing.

Here is the custom video for the home at 902 Campanile:

This home is presented by Cheree Rey of Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® and she can be contacted by email or phone:

(210) 483-6346 • crey@cbharper.com



Home Staging Benefits

sabor1138924fIt’s easy to understand why a beautiful home sells. Seeing perfectly placed pillows set in against a lovely corresponding color themed sofa conjures images of coming home. Reaching families by appealing to the possibilities they have in front of them is potentially the quickest way to sell a home. More than just a sell, is the satisfaction of helping others find the next place for them to build memories and a future.

Certainly it would be ideal for sellers to listen to every bit of advice – or even better, they already have a home gleaming with organization and comfort. This is rarely the case, despite the statistics that point in favor of home staging. Fortunately the staff at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® have access to a Marketing Department complete with professional photographers. A truly unique program called PowerHouse Marketing is comprised of individuals help each home to help it look its best by empowering the Sales Associates with the information and tools they need to succeed.

Most buyers form their opinions about a home within the first 5-7 seconds of arriving. Some of them focus on specific features, such as a beautiful entryway or front door. As the digital world moves ever forward, about 90% of home seekers are looking online first. Of course this is just one of the reasons that making an impression through the professional photography of a staged home is the cornerstone of marketing. Additionally, it is imperative to impress upon sellers that it is beneficial to take advantage of home staging. A Coldwell Banker survey of 2,800 properties revealed staged homes sell in half the time of non-staged homes.

sabor1138924cBy following these steps BEFORE photographers arrive you can ensure your home is ready to look its best!

• Clean and Declutter – Think simplicity. Organize first, then buy any additional decorative items second. Also, complete each room completely. Trying to take an entire day to organize everything in the home leads to feeling overwhelmed. Take it room by room.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.53.26 PM• Landscape & Entryway – Remove shoes, tidy up hoses and other items. Have the lawn cut. Ensure cars have been removed from driveway and NOT parked directly in front of the home.

• Brighten Rooms – Straighten window treatments, tie back drapes if possible and allow the light in. If curtains are dated, removing them altogether might be a better option.

• Update Kitchen – Remove appliances, dishes in the sink, telephones and letter boxes from sight. Adding a couple vases of flowers or a bowl of fruit is a nice touch.

• Clean & Updated Bath Areas – Try using a staging tray with neatly folded hand towels, a mirror or an unlit candle. Everything else should be hidden, bath toys, cosmetics and other personal items.

Before & After- Paint• Fresh Coat of Paint – When possible this is ideal to cover up unsightly colors or wall blemishes. Also be aware that it is much more beneficial to paint an entire wall. Trying to patch with paint ends up looking sloppy and more evident of nicks.


Some finally tips come from a study done by Duke University based on factors in a home that has been staged. The participants rated various items (related to staging) by level of importance and below are the top 6 reported in this study:

1.) Removal of personal items (Toothbrushes, bars of soap and bottles of shampoo, etc.).

2.) Use rooms for their intended purpose (Dining room should contain dining furniture and not be used as an office or gym).

3.) Remove evidence of pets (Litter boxes, food bowls and toys, etc.).

4.) Turn on every light in the house during showings/photos (Incites positive emotions and creates a more spacious feel).

5.) Furnish a home rather than have it empty of furniture or any decorative items.

6.) Remove personal photographs that might be displayed.