The Next Holiday

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are over, people are often left with the question of what to do next. With all the hustle and bustle of the major holidays out of the way, it can seem a little strange to slow down and take a moment for yourself to just relax. For those of us that like to continue moving forward and are always ready for the next thing on the to do list, the wait is over.

January 10th is National Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Here’s a few different ways to celebrate the holiday:

Take a moment to appreciate the plants that are in your home already. Stop and smell the roses, or maybe a fern.

Look for a new plant to bring home
to liven up a sparse area in your home, give a corner a pop of green.

Plant a small herb garden
that you can use in your kitchen for cooking.

And for those that don’t typically have the greenest of thumbs have no fear there are plants for you too! Succulents and Aloe Vera plants are very forgiving!

After all of the decorations from the holidays that fill every corner and smooth surface in our homes, it’s nice to have a pop of green to look at throughout the rest of the year to keep some of that joy and happiness around. Take the 10th of January this year to spend a moment appreciating those things that make our houses feel a little more homey and alive.

Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!


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