True Colors Blood Drive

The Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® Stone Oak office has been the site for a quarterly blood donation event. The coordinator for this event is our own Denise Barnhill. On top of being an accomplished Real Estate Associate with more than 12 designations and numerous accolades such as Eagle of the Year for 2013, Denise has offered to be the voice for donating blood through South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. Even Count Dracula made a special appearance at our office Dracula - Meetingmeeting this morning trying to collect several pints of blood for the CBDHR’s Blood Drive in exchange for a wonderful T-shirt and some snacks.

Our goal was 11 pints and we collected 14 pints!! We exceeded our goal and are proud to continue supporting this wonderful cause! If you could not make it out to today’s event please visit your local South Texas Blood & Tissue Center or stay tuned for our next blood donation date.

Staff MemberLocal blood donors can impact the blood supply worldwide by contributing their ‘Donating for Life’ points to the ‘Global Blood Fund‘ and its ‘Open Arms Program.’

“Our donors are saving lives every day in South Texas and beyond, and the Open Arms Program allows them to help save lives around the world,” said Elizabeth Waltman, STBTC chief operating officer. “Many donors have accumulated thousands of points which could be converted into significant funds to support Global Blood Fund instead of purchasing donor recognition items such as T-shirts.”  – See more by clicking here.

Commit to GIVE, someone needs your help!

Donating BloodAs a prospective donor you will need to bring at least one form of identification in order to register. Then complete a brief health questionnaire to determine your eligibility. After going through a screening process a technician will take important vitals signs such as temperature, blood pressure and iron levels. Upon passing the medical screening you will sit comfortably where a technician will help you proceed with the donation. Upon completion you can enjoy some refreshments and a FREE T-Shirt.

For more information about specific types of donations download this brochure by clicking here.


After your donation you can rest, eat a snack and recover a bit before heading out to the rest of your day. Restrictions include no heavy lifting for about 6 hours, drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids and keep strenuous activities to a minimum for about 12-24 hours (hiking, running, aerobics). For a full list of other ways you can give visit their website:


Below are some photos from today’s blood donation. It looks scary to those of you who might be afraid of needles but the staff on-board was very kind and attentive. As professionals they offered some great stories about their adventures in the blood donation bus and even got a round of laughter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.53.23 PM


KC Guzman

Mika Connor