Welcome New REALTORS® – April & May

We would like to welcome the newest additions to Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® for the month of April!

1 of the 2 graduating classes for the month of April, pictured with D’Ann Harper, Broker/Owner; Daron Durham, Vice President of Professional Development • Featured image: 1 of the 2 graduating classes for the month of April, pictured with D’Ann Harper, Broker/Owner; Daron Durham, Vice President of Professional Development; Addie Langehennig, Support Training Specialist; Leesa Harper-Rispoli, Executive Vice President Property Management

Fran and Greg Smith – North East Office

This husband and wife team offer The Power of Two. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Smith are passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Greg spent 20 years coaching senior managers in the public and private sectors to find solutions to complex issues. Mr. and Mrs. Smith both served in the Air Force, Fran in the medical field and Greg as an aviator.

Their favorite way to spend a weekend is with their grandchildren playing cards, bowling, flying kites or watching movies.

Rick Ramsey – North Central / Stone Oak

Rick enjoys fishing and family, and is a dedicated father. Leading by example he demonstrates through previous success in his career that any goal is achievable through hard-work and persistence.

For information on how Rick Ramsey can help you buy or sell your next home – email him at rramsey@cbharper.com

Or if you see him in the office welcome him to the CBDHR family!

Justin T. Wells – North West Office

Justin is an avid sports fan, among his teams to “root” for are: Spurs, Cowboys and UTSA

He also enjoys a good round of golf and spending time with family and friends. Weekends for him are best enjoyed poolside or traveling to the beach.

Justin is proud of his family because in his words, “No matter what life has thrown at us we manage to get up and dust ourselves off, to Keep Moving Forward!”

Let’s welcome Justin to the CBDHR North West Office!

Steve and Debbie Parramore – Kerrville Office

Steve and Debbie Parramore have raised 2 sons, who – they are proud to say – serve their country, one as a firefighter/paramedic and the other serving as a Gunner Mate in the US Navy.

Both of these devoted parents do enjoy weekends in the Hill Country cruising around in their 1957 Chevy Belair, lovingly named ‘Mrs. Purple Haze.’

They work not only to serve others but also leave a lasting memory of positive influence carried on by their sons.

Mary Helen Gonzales – North West Office

Mary Helen values courtesy, patience and the willingness to help in others, and in-turn practices those qualities with those around her. She is best at mediating and devising solutions for any problem that might come up.

She is proud of her ability to help and is fulfilled by assisting others and speaking for those who may not have a voice.

Her good-attitude and kind demeanor make her a wonderful addition to the CBDHR family.

Kimberly Paul – North West Office

 Kimberly is proud of her husband and 3 children, as well as her strength and willingness to support others. During the time she cared for her terminally ill parents, family and friends praised her by saying she was – and is – one of the strongest people they know. She truly believes in helping others and enjoys it.

Some of her best problem solving skills include being a good listener and shifting conversation in a constructive and helpful way. Kimberly values qualities in others such as honesty, integrity, dependability and a non-judgmental persona. Wonderful values that will fit right in here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®!


Yelena Richter – North West Office

Yelena values a strength of character as well as honesty and integrity, but most of all being compassionate to others helps grow and embrace the possibilities around her. Yelena’s strong analytical mind allows her make decisions on limited information as well as suggest avenues for friends, family, and clients that help reach important solutions. In other words, she’s great with advice and is a sounding-board of ideas!

Yelena’s resilient disposition has brought experience and a sense of greater professionalism. She has welcomed challenges as a way to grow and learn, and is proud of her ability to surmount these difficulties.

Jessica Willis – North Central / Stone Oak

Jessica is a proud mother of a 10 year old girl, and finds joy in her ‘baby girl’ everyday. Some of the qualities she values most are honesty, intelligence and humor. In Jessica’s opinion, laughter is the key to a long, healthy life and she enjoys bringing a good laugh to friends, clients and loved ones.

Some of her problem solving skills include assisting in ‘life-changing’ decisions. Jessica prides herself on being a strong-shoulder for those close to her when they are in need of advice.  The combination of her problem-solving skills as well as her ability to find humor, or a silver-lining, in various situations is what best equips her to take on success as she starts this chapter with us here at CBDHR. Best of luck Jessica!

Welcome to all of those who have joined us from April and early May! Although some might be waiting on the professional photography portraits that we offer here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® – they are well on their way.