Why Coaching With Art Fernandez?

By Fabi R. Gomes | April 11th, 2019

 The philosophy of service has always been an integral part of the business model Art Fernandez applied to his real estate clients. Whether involvement in a local charity, a community center, a church, or even within our personal relationships, most of us know the value of giving back and helping others.

Eleven years ago, Art began applying the same concept of service to his relationships with other agents, empowering them and improving their business models. That was when he began his journey into coaching and leadership training.

With over 23 years in the real estate industry, Art plays an important role in the company by assisting agents in the development of their careers. A mentality of abundance and a spirit of paying it forward while keeping a solid mindset for success are the core fundamentals of his coaching beliefs. He encourages agents to not let the negative details affect their big-picture goals. Teaching proven strategies in an engaging way and sharing his particular experiences have inspired and encouraged numerous agents that attend to his coaching program. 

With coaching sessions tailored to their individual needs and goals, agents learn from Art’s mis-steps and build their business upon the success stories he has mastered. A typical session features topics such as current business matters, problem solving, role playing, objection handling, and offer presentation. Art’s methods are just one of many ways to grow in real estate, but they are a proven way to succeed at a high level. 

“I’ve been coaching with Art Fernandez for several months.  He has helped me gain knowledge so that I can maximize the service I give to my clients. He’s always available when I need help!  His homework pushes me, and it’s nice to have someone hold you accountable.  He’s a great teacher, asking questions and making sure you understand before he moves on.  I’m very thankful for his coaching and he has been such a blessing to me.” 

Cathy Picconi, REALTOR®

“Art understands how to coach his students in a fun and exciting way. He gives great direction and focuses on the most important factor in our business, which is lead generation. He has helped me grow as an agent, and has given me the skills I need to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend all of his training classes. He has a gift, and I am grateful he is willing to share it.” 

Lisa Stanley, REALTOR® 

“I was considering giving up my coaching appointments so there would be an opening for some other agent.  However, I have decided to hang in here because of how Art Fernandez coaches.  He has a lot of experience, knowledge and skills and he knows just when and what to offer to help us move forward.  I have been encouraging other agents to start coaching sessions. I really appreciate all that he has to offer us at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®.” 

Vanessa Brown, REALTOR® 

“Coaching with Art has been a helpful experience.  His knowledge and expertise have helped me to think outside the box and given me a better direction on my business moving forward.  He even convinced me that open houses do work, and he was right!​”  

Helen Stark, REALTOR® 

“Art is a great coach! His knowledge and guidance have helped me tremendously in my real estate career.”

Stephanie Sanchez, REALTOR® 

When agents align their business model with the demands of their market, persistence becomes much easier. Strive to build a business plan that is based on a steady stream of business. Having a coach can be the difference between walking away and breaking through a barrier. To learn more about Art Fernandez’s coaching program, please contact him.

Art Fernandez

Director of Real Estate Coaching at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®

(210) 483-7050 office

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