Zap – The Innovation Continues

ZAP is a new Lead Generated/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool provided to you for FREE by Coldwell Banker.  ZAP contains a multitude of features for the REALTOR on the GO!  Who has been wanting a website that would help manage your contacts AND give you FREE  leads?   Look no further because ZAP comes with website, CRM, Mobile APP and a customer activity tracking report when your client is in need of your assistance.  How much is it? It’s FREE!!  It also contains Follow Up plans and Drip Campaigns so you can reach out to all your contacts!

Zap_LightingWhether it is a client who recently closed, a renter that will buy in a year or a buyer who is actively looking, ZAP can help keep you in touch with them. Equipped with scripts for emails and phone calls, once you put these plans in place, ZAP will work for you!  One of the best parts… ZAP comes with its own MOBILE APP that is branded with your information!

Quick tips:

1.       Check your Dashboard!  Important tasks and clients who need attention will always be on this page.

2.      Updating your leads is simple!

Click on the contacts name and:

a.      Log in a Phone Call,

b.      Email them thru ZAP

c.      Update the client Relationship

d.      Enter Profile notes

e.      Create a Follow Up plan

And that’s it! You are in compliance!

For how-to videos, go to CBWorks and click on the Zap section on the bottom left hand corner. There are many webinars and how to videos to help you!

Still have questions? Contact our team in the Harper e-Leads Department:


Norma Luna, e-Leads Administrator


Therese Manuel, e-Leads Administrator