Coldwell Banker’s parent company Realogy acquired a California based company called ZipRealty™. This innovative broker business and it’s proven technology Zap™ has been rolled out to Coldwell Banker brokerages like ours here at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS®.

According to Lanny Baker, the chief executive officer of ZipRealty™, Zap™ is a fully integrated system that gives brokers and agents the ability to understand, anticipate and serve their client’s needs.This system has been 15 years in the making and offers the ability to know who needs help, with what, and how to deliver that help. Fine tuned by real estate professionals with day-to-day knowledge of the business – this program was designed to help client find their way home.

Zap_LightingZap™ is interconnected with the local real estate industry by compiling all types of relevant data. Our website and mobile app display complete, accurate and up-to-date MLS listings that include school information, lot lines, neighborhood profiles, pricing and truncation histories. This Zap™ platform then allows consumer to create their own searches while being able to save and share searches. Meanwhile the technology works with the Sales Agent in understanding the clients needs.

“We’re solving problems that the rest of the industry doesn’t event know exist yet,” say Alex Perriello, president and chief executive officer, Realogy Franchise Group. “We’re delivering solutions that are way ahead of the competition because we have all of the pieces in place – not just with the Zap™ product, but also within Realogy and our portfolio of iconic brands…” Such as Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper who has been a part of the Coldwell Banker franchise for over 30 years.

Our team of support professionals recently unveiled the Zap™ Training alongside members of the Coldwell Banker Zap™ Training Team. With their guidance and ongoing training we hope to help all of our Sales Agents in utilizing this important and groundbreaking technology!

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