Are You In Control Of Your Professional Narrative?

In order to stay ahead of your brand presence online, it is important to understand how a personal narrative works. More importantly, is the need to promote your brand digitally. Before we dive into the details, ask yourself this; what is my message?

The cornerstone of a successful brand is a strong understanding of what it stands for. In this case, you are your brand. To ensure you are being perceived accurately it is important to take the time and draft your narrative. I know. Drafting your professional narrative isn’t the ideal way to spend an evening, but time spent now is an investment in tomorrow.

Start with these steps:
1.) Outline a brief, well-worded overview of your professional qualifications.
2.) Draft your professional and philanthropic experience.
3.) Voice your motivation, ie. passion for helping others, ability to create, a knack for finding the best deal, etc.
4.) Call to action. Do not be sales-y. Instead, be inviting and leave the door open for clients and colleagues to socialize with you. That can be on a number of mediums, social media, telephone, or email.

Now you have your draft. Have your closest friend, colleague, or partner review it for accuracy and readability, but don’t overdo it. Your personal narrative has the potential to be endlessly proofed, do not run it by too many people — doctor, banker, cousin, friends friend… etc. Everyone has an opinion and you’ll drive yourself crazy if you ask for everyone’s perspective.

So ideally, you now have your official personal narrative. Now you are ready to reach your goals by improving your online presence.

Do you have a logo? A professional portrait? Links to your online profiles? Good. Grab those and follow me, we’re going to social media.

Let’s start with the top 5 places where you can be found online:
1.) Zillow (profile, is you are a real estate agent)
2.) (profile, is you are a real estate agent)
3.) LinkedIn
4.) Facebook
5.) Yelp

Each platform is going to have its own set of rule and guidelines. This means overcoming your fears about navigating these places, and power through so you can update your online profiles. We’re not going to walk you through each one… BUT we will say that by using that narrative and your social links to update your online presence, you will create a complete portrait of your business. Be sure to enter all the information possible. Check for places to add your website, social links, and most importantly legally required statements (like TREC disclosures).

Don’t let your naysayers take charge of the narrative. Use these cornerstones of your business to build a reputation that is an accurate representation of you. If you have followed these simple guidelines you are on the right path to an established digital presence.

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