Enhancements To Raise Your Home’s Efficiency And Value

Written by Karoline Gore

Your participation in the recycling movement supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the removal of nearly 25 million cars from the road. That choice, to live a sustainable lifestyle in your home, has you giving back to the world, and there are more changes you can make that will not only add to your contribution to the planet, but also increase your home’s value when it’s time to sell.

Make cooling and heating adjustments

Adding insulation, especially if yours is an older home, can cut down on your energy output as much as 30 per cent, a savings any new buyer will appreciate. Fill in cracks in your insulation using soybean foam or other eco-friendly materials besides fiberglass, such as shredded denim and hemp. Installing thick shades or blinds will help keep heat in after staying open all day, decreasing your energy usage. If you want to keep things cool, keep the blinds closed at all times, and consider installing ceiling fans that will keep air circulating. Replace an older thermostat with a programmable model that knows to shut down when nobody’s around.

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

Efficient appliances

When replacing older appliances, think green, as in eco-friendly. Energy efficient appliances, especially those connected to Apps for greater control, add value to your home. Many newer models conserve water as well, so shop for energy-efficient dishwashers and washing machines. Take the plunge and upgrade your toilets to EPA-Certified WaterSense models that save gallons of water and slash utility bills. Not sure if you’re getting a green model? Look for an Energy Star rating when shopping to be sure. When you put your home on the market, updated appliances are a big selling point, especially to those looking for places that are move-in-ready.

Some simple sustainable switches

Take an inventory of what you can do yourself to make your home more efficient. Little things like replacing leaky faucets can save as much as 5 gallons of water a day, a reduction any new owner will appreciate. Add a compost Bin that cuts down on waste emissions, and use the compost to enrich a garden of fruits and vegetables. And you can save even more on water by installing an easy – and programmable – drip irrigation system attached to your hose.

There is great satisfaction in knowing that you’re making changes that benefit the earth while adding value to your lifestyle and your home. Opting for all – or even a few – of these enhancements will give you peace of mind and comfort, and when the time comes, make your home the perfect eco-friendly fit for the next lucky owner.