Video Is King (or Queen): Top 10 Reasons To Use BombBomb

We all have heard it. Video is king; or in our case, perhaps, queen. No matter which way you say it, there is no doubt that video is at the forefront of digital media and communications in the social space.

Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® has negotiated a discounted price for its agents to access tier two BombBomb video marketing service. This means one can record videos via an app directly from their phone or on a computer (given it has a camera and microphone). Once that video message is recorded, the agent can send those clips to anyone on their contact list. Each message then accumulates data stats. What does that mean?
It means that when these video emails are sent the user can see if the message was opened, played, and how much of the video was watched. By monitoring the number of opens and plays one can gauge the success of each message.

Still unsure?
We have put together the Top 10 Video Opportunities using BombBomb and how to execute each one.

1.) Create a Connection.
Goal: Put a face with a name for new leads, referrals, out-of-town clients, and other new friends.

  • Introduce yourself! Your prospects want to meet you.
  • Share your phone number/email in the video to let a prospect know where you’ll be calling from. This increases their likelihood to pick up the phone when you call.
  • Remember – practice builds confidence and confidence produces success.


2.) Stay Top of Mind with Past Clients.
Connect with your past clients in a meaningful way. Staying in touch with past clients is a vital part to growing your business, but for it to be meaningful, it must be timely.

  • See what they’ve been up to on social media and reference it in your video –
    “John, that looked like an incredible hike! Where was that at?”
  • Congratulate them on a milestone event such a job changes, new family members, graduations, etc.
  • Show an interest in their interests (sports, activities, charities, etc).
  • Remember – Keep it casual and focused on the relationship. This helps get you the response!


3.) Ask for Testimonials & Share EVERYWHERE.
Goal: Ask your raving fans to send you a testimonial video / post a review you can use in your business. Post the results on social media, send to new leads, out-of-town clients, etc.

  • Did you know with BombBomb, viewers can send a video back to you? Send a request to some of your raving fans. All they need to do is select the reply with video button at the top of the email. Then they can record and send you a video back.
  • If your clients aren’t the video type, send your video with a testimonial review link in the body of the message to give them an alternative route to review you.
  • Bonus Points – Ask them to answer a specific question when talking about you (What made me stand out? Would you use me again? Would you refer me to friends and family?). This helps them know what to say!


4.) The Happy Birthday Standout.
Goal: Be the one that stands out among the Happy Birthday crowd.

  • Facebook and other social media platforms make it too easy to say happy birthday.
    It is easy to get lost in 100+ Happy Birthday wishes.
  • Send a custom, happy birthday message every morning to stand out from the crowd.
  • Bonus Points – Talk about your favorite memory with that person over the past year. If you don’t have a favorite memory, go out and create on this year!


5.) The Cold Client Update.
Goal: Re-ignite cold clients into hot prospects by updating them on the real estate market.

  • As we see the inventory rise, it provides new opportunities for buyers and sellers alike to get back in the game.
  • Buyers – With more inventory on the market and less multiple offers, now is a great time to start house hunting again. Bonus Points ­– Have a property ready for the client and ask for an appointment to go see it this week!
  • Sellers – With the market the past few years, we had seller who would not sell because they were afraid they could not buy. With a properly priced home, sellers can still benefit from the market’s price increases over the past few years and get not have to worry about finding a new home after they sell (AKA you can use contingent offers again!).
  • Bonus Points – Have a CMA ready to go AND a potential property to buy. Ask for an appointment to review the CMA and potential buy-side property this week.


6.) The Open House Follow Up.
Goal: Stand out against other agents at open houses by putting your name to a face.

  • Open House attendees often visit multiple open houses at a time. In order to stand out, shoot your attendees a customized message.
  • General Script – “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for attending my open house. I appreciate you taking the time to see the home. If you did not quite find what you were looking for, I would love to give you a sneak peak of some of my other properties that may be right for you. Do you have any feedback about this property?”
  • Bonus Points – If you cannot get in contact with the listing agent by phone after the open house, shoot a BombBomb telling the listing agent everything about the open house so they can report back to the seller ASAP.


7.) The Weekly Update.
Goal: Stay connected with your current clients by providing weekly updates on your efforts to meet their real estate needs. Remember, the most responsive & memorable agents wins!

  • As a real estate professional, you should be updating your clients at a minimum of once a week. These videos are great to walk clients through the process of real estate and what the next steps are.
  • Sellers – Need ideas on how to market your listings as well as what to see to sellers? Use the “Seller Marketing Communication Plan” in IQ! It gives you 25 weeks worth of marketing activities that will market and sell the listing & generate new opportunities for you. Remember – If you do not tell a seller your activities and the home is not selling, they think you are not doing ANYTHING and that you are the problem.
  • Buyers – Life moves fast between previewing home through the end of the option period. Keep your buyers on track to close by letting them know what is happening after the option period!

8.) Why You Love Real Estate.
Goal: Stand out among 10,000+ agents in the Greater San Antonio and Hill Country area by telling the world what being a real estate professional means to you.

  • In general, people are attracted to positivity and want to work with those who love what they do.
  • Your unique story of how you got into real estate, why you love real estate, your favorite moments in real estate can create bonds and connections that will help you stand out among the crowd and make clients want to work with you.

We often keep these stories to ourselves. Don’t! Share your passion with others and they will trust you with their real estate needs. Remember – Be genuine, be proud, and most importantly, be you!


9.) The Referral Gift.
Goal: Reward, reinforce and incentivize referrals in order to get more.

  • Shoot a video thanking the referring party for the referral. Remind them that your business comes mainly by referrals and that you love the opportunity to help their friends and family. Say that you have a small gift that you would like to give them as a token of your appreciation.
  • Social Media – Judge the situation, if appropriate, post the BombBomb on Facebook and tag the client if they would be okay with it.
  • Bonus Points – Reward the referring party the moment you connect with the referral for the first time. Do NOT wait until closing. The referring party only has control over giving you the referral, and once that is completed, a referral gift should be given to reinforce that behavior.


10.) The Invite.
Goal: Grow your SOI and strengthen your relationships by including others.

  • Theory – Generally, everyone wants to be invited and included to events (even if they don’t want to go!). People like to be asked!
  • Send an invite to acquaintances and others you would like to get know better. The invite can be for a specific event, charity function, open house, coffee/lunch, etc. The personal connection of the video WILL make a difference (When was the last time your were invited to anything by video? Most likely, never. If you have been, you would remember who did it!)
  • Bonus Points – If possible, encourage the invitee to bring another person. This helps the invitee feel comfortable and it grows your SOI.


Ready to get signed up?

Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS® is offering BombBomb to its agents for $20 per month.
That’s over 50% off the regular price. To sign-up, email the Director of Corporate Public Relations, Lauren Serrato at